January 6, 2014

Cheers to a new year

Happy new year! I love the start of the year, the feeling of trying new things and tackling them with positivity. Last year was filled with heartbreak and loss, so I'm counting on this year to bring joy.  Literally. My nephew will make his debut in May, so there will be much joy to welcome in a few months.

I was thinking my word for this year could be growth or learning, but I'm feeling joy. Live joy, make joy, and enJOY.

I'm home in Canada for the holidays, enjoying an extended Christmas holiday until the end of January. Then it's back to work and start a new job. But before then, there's a few more weeks of relaxing, visiting family, a side trip to Las Vegas and celebrating a friends wedding leftover enjoy.

Home is full of snow, which makes me ridiculously happy. Without sounding cheesy, there's something magical about staying up late to watch the snow fall outside. And made better with a cup of baileys hot chocolate. Lots of baileys to make up for the cold.

I love living in New Zealand but I sure do miss snow during the holidays. It's great to be home.

Happy 2014 to you, may this be the year you find your joy.

August 19, 2013

Oh hello

It's been awhile hasn't it? It was hard to blog when things got hard in life. And it was hard to find something meaningful to write about, to think about, and sometimes to care about. 

Blogging can be about so many things. Maybe you want friends, money or popularity. Maybe you want to be anonymous and tell a story or a secret. Or maybe you just want to practice your writing. Maybe you want to jump on the blogging train or maybe you want to say that you'd been there, done that got the t-shirt. 

I love to read blogs. 

All day, every day I love reading blogs. When I wake up, when I'm on the bus, when I have free time, when I want to relax, when I have a break I just want to open up the life book of blogs and read. Sometimes to escape in their adventures, or to discover something new. To feel something I hadn't. Or to find inspiration.

I love reading about life and others experiences. Learning about their daily life. Things that make them happy. Sad. Scared. Excited. The small things. The big things. The cliche things and the risque things.

I've read some blogs for years, more than a decade even, and though I might not know the blogger personally, I've rooted for them. I've wanted to comfort them and wanted to high five them. (Because high fives are underrated and who doesn't love a high five?) 

I read because I love hearing what others have to say. Even if I disagree. I like to know they have an opinion because then we can have a conversation.

And I blog so I can participate. To be a part of the conversation. I'm just not very consistent. That happens. Life happens. I get side tracked, and can't find something worthy of sharing. But. I always read. Even when life gets side tracked, I still read. 

May 3, 2013


My Dziadzia (grandpa) passed away yesterday. It hurts so much. And the sound of my dad crying is heartbreaking. Being so far away makes everything harder. Tears, they burn.

In sadness, kindness lingers.

My friends, precious friends who know just what to say, who send flowers with kind words, and friends who stock your home with Hershey kisses, because maybe they help. And they do. They act as breakfast when you wake up feeling like a zombie and can't function.

I have a lot of great memories, and I love this sunny photo from my last visit. I hope he's resting in peace, and visiting with my sister and my Oma on my moms side.

Love you Dziadzia. You made us all laugh with your fake wallet so you couldn't be robbed of real money, and you always beat us in chess with your swift cheating ways, which always ensured another round so we could try to win. You will be missed dearly.

April 25, 2013

Pretty new look

It's fall here, so I thought a new look around here would do me some good. Kinda like spring cleaning but not since it's fall on this side of the world!

I purchased a premade blogger template from Beautiful Dawn Designs (http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeautifulDawnDesigns) etsy shop. It was super easy to download and install, the hard part was picking just one beautiful design! I've not met or even chatted with the talent behind the work but her designs and easy to follow directions are fantastic! I did need to edit the blog header to my blog name in an editing program (I have photoshop) and I did search and install the pretty fonts used, but that was all I had to contribute. The hard work was already done! And for $25 it was a done deal... If you've ever done you're own design, then you know all about the errors, refreshing, googling and bottles of wine on standby just to get something halfway decent posted. And even then all sorts of things go wonky. Let me know what you think! Also please let me know if it doesn't match this pretty little screen cap. (I'm posting using the blogger app and it's hard to insert links and pics!)

We're off on another weekend adventure! I have so many to share and hope to get around to them soon.

Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for reading!

April 6, 2013

25 things

And I'm back.

I re-read a 2009 note I left on my facebook page and it made me realise that no matter how much things change they really do stay the same. No matter how much time passes, things really are constant. And sometimes having constant in a crazy year is just what's needed.

A bit of nostalgia for me... 25 very random things about me. Circa 2009 and still very much 2013.

1. I have 3 middle names (my brother has 4)

2. My home away from home is a hotel. I've probably clocked a solid 2 years (365 days times 2!) of living in a hotel for work. And I like it that way.

3. At one point I had four jobs at the same time - now I know better, to stop and smell the roses.

4. I pay more attention to what people do instead of what they say - people never cease to amaze me, for better or for worse.

5. My ultimate goal in life is to become a beach bum and sell towels and flip flops, I'm sorta there.

6. One time a friend wanted to cheer me up after my parents divorce, they gave me a kitten and had stuffed in their coat pocket as a surprise, (but I knew about it).

7. It's actually really hard to surprise me, because I'm crafty like that, and I can figure things out. I also learned how to be a master present wrapper from the age of 4, when I found all my Christmas presents, and opened them all but wrapped them back up. That was the worst Christmas ever - finding out there is no Santa (and having to give fake tears 5 years later when my parents informed me!), and pretending to be oh so surprised over every gift I knew about (guess those acting classes later on were useless, considering I've been acting since I was 4).

8. Kevin gave me the nicest flowers that I've ever received, and it was a total surprise. For reals. I cried. Really.

9. I used to belong to the chickypoo club, a made-up club with two friends when we were 10.

10. The word "obviously" and "inferno" drive me insane. Nothing is ever as obvious to one person as it is to another, and I just don't like the word inferno.

11. I've nannyed for a family in Hollywood.

12. I still get carded. And once was pulled over at the age of 21 because the police officer believed I wasn't old enough to be driving.

13. a) Nothing embarrasses me that I do. I can fall in front of a crowd, slip down the stairs, walk into a post and laugh it off - but I can't stand it when others laugh at my expense and don't let me in on the joke.

13. b) I can walk into a screen door, ahem, walk right THROUGH the screen door, and bust out in happy tears because I can't believe I have what it takes to walk through screen doors. Good lord. Even better margaritas.

14. I've wanted to write a book about dating, long before "he's just not into you" because well, "maybe she's just not into you". My dad asked to never read it.

15. I know all the words to any booty song.

16. Have been told I have a man laugh - I like to think it's "hearty".

17. I can go to the movies and eat at a restaurant by myself. I'm "fearless" like that, and love meeting new people.

18. Once, I tried to fly like superman when I was 6 and almost lost an eye (have the scar and no eyebrow hair to prove it), popped a wheelie on a tricycle and split open my chin (scarred for life), hung upside down from a tree and broke my arm (no one believed me it was broken), I jumped off a swing set and tried to parachute with a garbage bag and hit the ground extremely hard, tried to shave my knees when I was 5 leaving tons of little scars from hacking them up.

19. The older I get, the more cautious, scared, and chicken I become.

20. I believe in lazy Sundays.

21. In Mexico, these little kids thought I was Britney Spears and followed me around, and recently a woman thought I was LeAnn Rimes. She wouldn't stop. I had to convince her that a singer probably would not be flying coach in row 24 next to the toilet. And then she asked me to sing... seriously? I can't. It's bad.

22. I don't like to watch a movie more than once - I don't see the point, unless I forget how it ends.

23. My favorite way to relax and getaway is to read.

24. I don't trust anything that involves a blow up boat, water, sharp rocks and a helmet. Do you?

25. Birthdays are holidays in my books. You all deserve an extra day off to celebrate.

January 28, 2013

Melbourne Australia part 2

Christmas in Australia was a blast, and I loved our two day road trip on the Great Ocean Road. But we also spent five days relaxing in St. Kilda's mixed with venturing 30 minutes into the city (via the tram) for sunny strolls and fell in love with Melbourne. Everyone says what a great city it is, and it didn't disappoint. Sadly my camera doesn't do it justice, taken on my iphone, but I hope you get the vibe. The city streets are wide, with large sidewalks and lined with trees. The buildings tall, the architecture beautiful, and sun beaming down on every corner. Many an alley was found covered in graffiti art with vibrant colours, and when we weren't even looking we discovered the Yarra River that runs through the central business district. We stumbled into Federation Square, enjoying gelato while sinking into lounge chairs put out for the holiday movies (or cricket game, as it happened that day).

I can't wait to go back and restaurant hop as there was plenty to dine at but only so much time. I also missed out on shopping since it was a wee bit hectic with Boxing Day shoppers, instead I stood on the sidewalks trying to get a peek into the windows through the crowds.

And next time I'm bringing a camera!

photo 1 photo 2    photo 3 1
photo 4 photo 21 photo 22 photo 11    photo 41 photo 31

January 19, 2013

Enjoying a long weekend

The best part about enjoying a long weekend, is taking an extra day to make it last longer. Off on a four day adventure. See you soon Welly!