February 21, 2011

Sheep for the win!

photo by Velaia (ParisPeking) via PhotoRee

Bird: kiwi
New Zealander: Kiwi

February 18, 2011

Destination: Packing Pile

Finally, after 4 months of waiting for work visas, I can finally re-organize our packing pile.

Wish I had more time to order additional items, anything from Flight 001 would do! We purchased new luggage for the move (and to purposely phase out the ol' polka dots, that someone really needed to have for business travel. FAIL! Nothing business-y about dots, except everyone getting up in my business to say "you can't miss that bag!").

My carry-on is this hard case spinner which is great for the spinning action. You can push it around every which way, but space-wise, it's tricky! The zipper cuts right into the middle, leaving two smaller sides to pack items within, and no outside pockets to store items you want to access quickly or easily. Also, the actual hard case attracts all kinds of dents and scratches. It's not looking so pretty, and it's only been used twice, as a carry on! We much preferred the 2nd carry-on we purchased, it's durable, soft, spacious, and has pockets for days!

So time to re-organize the packing pile this weekend. My goal is to shrink it by one bag (currently we have 8). This photo shows all of the material items we own. Owning less feels light and freeing, very zen-like, but it was sad to let go of so much stuff. Thought it would be easy, since I've done a few cross-country moves, but it always feels like you are giving part of yourself up. When really, it's just stuff, we will survive. We plan to live in a furnished apartment and live modestly, as we may only be overseas for a year. (Of course, I always have a plan, and hope we can hit a few more countries over 3 years before returning back to North America.)

Yes, we learned our destination this week, we are thrilled, in less than 2 weeks we'll be heading out (Euros or Sheep? Euros or Sheep?! EUROS OR SHEEP?!).

Next week we'll be wandering out to Alberta and Ontario to visit with friends and family, get in my nephew fix, and celebrate a new adventure. To save on travel costs with 8 bags (and hoping to splurge on an upgrade for the long haul) we'll be storing our luggage at the airport, until our overseas departure. Can you imagine the luggage fees to get to Alberta then Ontario and back to British Columbia?! Highway robbery for sure! Here's to hoping it's safe and sound until our departure!

Side note:
All links and views are of my own personal opinion, no paid for linkage or name dropping happened in this post!

February 15, 2011

Banzai Styles: Euros vs. Sheep

A few years ago to celebrate 2009, I held a "Blanc et Rouge Soiree" for New Years Eve. This included all food red and white, drinks, and outfits... plus a few choice games, including Banzai. Do you know Chicky Chappy?

BANZAI - Old Lady Wheelchair Chicken Challenge
Uploaded by banzaitv. - Sitcom, sketch, and standup comedy videos.

There's an actual Banzai board game with a DVD, which we may or may not have played as suggested (win all the sushi). There were, after all, plenty of themed cocktails for the evening... but I digress. To play along, we were good sports and donned the official headband, that I am certain had no bearing on the game, other than to coordinate with the party theme.

Exhibit A:

Christmas 2008 176

Don't we look smashing? All decked out in coordinating colors, with matching game pieces, and heck, we even match our appliances and home decor! That is some serious dedication.

As an ode to the NYE Banzai fun, I decided to present the next challenge.

< Insert Chicky Chappy music >

This is Euros:
photo by mobil'homme via PhotoRee

- Aka London, England
- Possible future home
- (Ironically?) home to our friends, who brought the Banzai game to the NYE party

This is Sheep:
photo by Yodod via PhotoRee

- Aka New Zealand
- Possible future home
- The furthest place from where I am located at the moment

But the question is, where will we move to next?
Sold-all-our-furniture-awaiting-immigration-approval Challenge

photo by wendyness via PhotoRee

or Sheep?
photo by stevoarnold via PhotoRee

photo by philipstorry via PhotoRee

or Sheep?
photo by WanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com) via PhotoRee

photo by 占夏curlicue✿、 via PhotoRee

photo by Mollivan Jon via PhotoRee


Side note:
Ok ok, here are all the sheep I keep hearing about, I want to meet them all one day!

photo by vtveen via PhotoRee

...maybe one day will be sooner than later, which do you think?

February 11, 2011

Cliche But True...

... I left my heart in San Francisco. I miss so many parts of the city, my favorites include:

The Golden Gate Bridge.

It always gave me a rush, a thrill, and pure excitement when I crossed it. The views are always stunning, and breathtaking.

City views.

No matter where you are in the city, you will find a view. In the back of the photo hidden, there is the Bay Bridge (it lights up at night, and it's 3x the length of the Golden Gate Bridge) which passes through Treasure Island.

Coastal views from up in the air.

Enroute from LAX to SFO. Travelled this route extensively for over 2 years to get to work - it never got old.

The skyline of the city by the bay.

Cable cars.

Ding-ding! Though if you're planning a visit this year, note the following closures for repairs.

Proximity to beaches...

... and wine country!

Delicious food.

Hard to find a bad meal in the city. And the vegetables? Always a farmers market to be found, a great city surrounded by local sustainable farming, and the most colorful, fresh produce I've ever enjoyed. BTW, yes, that "allergy to strawberries" is mine. I cry a little every time I see them.

Kabuki Cinema.

Wine and a movie? Yes please!

Beautiful sights. (Presido overlooking the Palace of Fine Arts.)

Even as an iphone pic, they look like movie backdrops...

...and another one.

I'm on a boat ferry!

The view from Sam's in Tiburon.

Arrived fresh off the ferry, planted on the deck overlooking the marina. A perfect place to relax.


The pot of gold on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cascading homes overlooking the bay, I imagine this is what Greece might look like!

My hairdresser, who believed in my mantra of "I need more blonde in my life!" It only took me two years to find her, and it will take forever to forget her.

Street food trucks. A novelty, considering the variety compared to Toronto's selection of chip (fry) trucks or street meat.

Side story: I believe that hot dog vendors (aka street meat) are illegal in California, but cannot prove it. Basing this on the bizarre hot dog wrapped in bacon incident of '08. It was past midnight in Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd. Out of nowhere a woman appeared with a tray of hot dogs, and just as quickly as she appeared, she was gone when a cop car passed. Illegal hot dog sales? I'll never know for sure.

Top down car rides, especially across the Golden Gate bridge.

I wish I could pull off the wind blown hair style, but there is nothing pretty about top down wind blown hair. It becomes a rat nest, and makes you cry. True story.

But most importantly, the 2 things I miss most happen to still be in the city (undergoing immigration prep work):


My Svenbot who's clearly a starving Marvin, and must smell everything I cook. I'm almost certain that the movie line "He's so fluffy!!!" from Despicable Me, was based on him, he is rather fluffy. He was adopted as a kitten, and is known for his laid back cool and calm demeanor, and his notorious belly rub fake outs. He likes steamed carrots, beef jerky, snuggling under clean sheets, being outdoors (free from us humans), and chilling like a rock star.

and Turkey.

My love bug, turkey nugget, who is missing almost all his teeth, and was rescued from a cat hoarder. Small but mighty, he is known for head-butts, and loves the word "treats". When he hears it or smells a treat opportunity, he can take off faster than a jolt of lightening, leaving a trail of dust behind him to be first in line (ahead of Sven) to collect his goodies. He can be found snuggling up to shoes, tv remotes, luggages, baskets, wallets (to fund his treat addiction) and even bathroom sinks.

(all photos taken by me)

February 8, 2011

Honey, I'm here, home.

I'm a lurker who's de-lurking and joining the online community, hoping to connect with others around the world. Though I feel a bit narcissistic about it all, I  hope to make it fun by sharing some information on what it's like to wander around.

Yes, it's true, I do wander around kind of like a lost puppy, but it's delightful and always full of some shenanigans or food. Both are what I do for trouble fun! 

Just as the blog launched, I was living it up in San Francisco CA. Then as I create my first blog post just a few weeks later in a complete random twist of events, I'm here in Vancouver BC.

Some nights, I really have to think about where exactly I am. I have to shut my eyes, focus, and think, where was I last... oh yeah, home, here in < insert city >. Other times, I open my door, expecting to be back in LA, or Boston, or Toronto or any of the hotels I've lived in for work over the years. 

Don't get too comfortable, Vancouver is just a stop-over, so just when you think you know, I will go and mess it up again. And when I say arriving in Vancouver was random, I mean, on a Friday my boyfriend and I were waking up in San Francisco unknown to us that we'd be hitting the road to Vancouver the very next day, arriving Sunday afternoon. So to anyone I made plans with two weeks ago, you can find me here. Maybe we can do a video date?