February 15, 2011

Banzai Styles: Euros vs. Sheep

A few years ago to celebrate 2009, I held a "Blanc et Rouge Soiree" for New Years Eve. This included all food red and white, drinks, and outfits... plus a few choice games, including Banzai. Do you know Chicky Chappy?

BANZAI - Old Lady Wheelchair Chicken Challenge
Uploaded by banzaitv. - Sitcom, sketch, and standup comedy videos.

There's an actual Banzai board game with a DVD, which we may or may not have played as suggested (win all the sushi). There were, after all, plenty of themed cocktails for the evening... but I digress. To play along, we were good sports and donned the official headband, that I am certain had no bearing on the game, other than to coordinate with the party theme.

Exhibit A:

Christmas 2008 176

Don't we look smashing? All decked out in coordinating colors, with matching game pieces, and heck, we even match our appliances and home decor! That is some serious dedication.

As an ode to the NYE Banzai fun, I decided to present the next challenge.

< Insert Chicky Chappy music >

This is Euros:
photo by mobil'homme via PhotoRee

- Aka London, England
- Possible future home
- (Ironically?) home to our friends, who brought the Banzai game to the NYE party

This is Sheep:
photo by Yodod via PhotoRee

- Aka New Zealand
- Possible future home
- The furthest place from where I am located at the moment

But the question is, where will we move to next?
Sold-all-our-furniture-awaiting-immigration-approval Challenge

photo by wendyness via PhotoRee

or Sheep?
photo by stevoarnold via PhotoRee

photo by philipstorry via PhotoRee

or Sheep?
photo by WanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com) via PhotoRee

photo by 占夏curlicue✿、 via PhotoRee

photo by Mollivan Jon via PhotoRee


Side note:
Ok ok, here are all the sheep I keep hearing about, I want to meet them all one day!

photo by vtveen via PhotoRee

...maybe one day will be sooner than later, which do you think?

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