February 18, 2011

Destination: Packing Pile

Finally, after 4 months of waiting for work visas, I can finally re-organize our packing pile.

Wish I had more time to order additional items, anything from Flight 001 would do! We purchased new luggage for the move (and to purposely phase out the ol' polka dots, that someone really needed to have for business travel. FAIL! Nothing business-y about dots, except everyone getting up in my business to say "you can't miss that bag!").

My carry-on is this hard case spinner which is great for the spinning action. You can push it around every which way, but space-wise, it's tricky! The zipper cuts right into the middle, leaving two smaller sides to pack items within, and no outside pockets to store items you want to access quickly or easily. Also, the actual hard case attracts all kinds of dents and scratches. It's not looking so pretty, and it's only been used twice, as a carry on! We much preferred the 2nd carry-on we purchased, it's durable, soft, spacious, and has pockets for days!

So time to re-organize the packing pile this weekend. My goal is to shrink it by one bag (currently we have 8). This photo shows all of the material items we own. Owning less feels light and freeing, very zen-like, but it was sad to let go of so much stuff. Thought it would be easy, since I've done a few cross-country moves, but it always feels like you are giving part of yourself up. When really, it's just stuff, we will survive. We plan to live in a furnished apartment and live modestly, as we may only be overseas for a year. (Of course, I always have a plan, and hope we can hit a few more countries over 3 years before returning back to North America.)

Yes, we learned our destination this week, we are thrilled, in less than 2 weeks we'll be heading out (Euros or Sheep? Euros or Sheep?! EUROS OR SHEEP?!).

Next week we'll be wandering out to Alberta and Ontario to visit with friends and family, get in my nephew fix, and celebrate a new adventure. To save on travel costs with 8 bags (and hoping to splurge on an upgrade for the long haul) we'll be storing our luggage at the airport, until our overseas departure. Can you imagine the luggage fees to get to Alberta then Ontario and back to British Columbia?! Highway robbery for sure! Here's to hoping it's safe and sound until our departure!

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