February 8, 2011

Honey, I'm here, home.

I'm a lurker who's de-lurking and joining the online community, hoping to connect with others around the world. Though I feel a bit narcissistic about it all, I  hope to make it fun by sharing some information on what it's like to wander around.

Yes, it's true, I do wander around kind of like a lost puppy, but it's delightful and always full of some shenanigans or food. Both are what I do for trouble fun! 

Just as the blog launched, I was living it up in San Francisco CA. Then as I create my first blog post just a few weeks later in a complete random twist of events, I'm here in Vancouver BC.

Some nights, I really have to think about where exactly I am. I have to shut my eyes, focus, and think, where was I last... oh yeah, home, here in < insert city >. Other times, I open my door, expecting to be back in LA, or Boston, or Toronto or any of the hotels I've lived in for work over the years. 

Don't get too comfortable, Vancouver is just a stop-over, so just when you think you know, I will go and mess it up again. And when I say arriving in Vancouver was random, I mean, on a Friday my boyfriend and I were waking up in San Francisco unknown to us that we'd be hitting the road to Vancouver the very next day, arriving Sunday afternoon. So to anyone I made plans with two weeks ago, you can find me here. Maybe we can do a video date? 

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