March 26, 2011

Behind the Scenes


This is our first dinner in our new rental home. I haven't cooked in what feels like ages! Oops, I didn't actually cook this one...

This is our first dinner sitting at a dining table in our own home. We have been living together for 4 years, never owned chairs!

These chairs make me shudder, but I can't be picky since we finally have chairs! I do hope to find some old ones on trademe (aka NZ's ebay) and refinish them.

We moved to New Zealand with just our clothes. We decided to rent a furnished place, however we didn't realize cutlery was not included. We ate dinner with one knife and a wooden spoon that was left behind. Cutlery is overrated anyways.

Looking forward to new plates. Just white ones, love plain white dishes.

The boyfriends beard looks better in real life!

We dreamt of this dinner since September 2010. It's amazing to finally be here!

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  1. Oh, how I can relate! (As you can see, I'm catching up on your blog.)


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