March 4, 2011

Greetings from New Zealand!

photo by Dangerous Business via PhotoRee

We arrived!

3 planes + 1 emergency bus, 23 hours of flying, 5 heavy luggage pieces, 4 carry-ons, 1 windy city makes for two happy Canucks in Wellington!

The country is beautiful, very green with hills for days. Cascading homes, cute kiwi accents, and water everywhere. Looks like we will have lots to explore over the next 8 months (though hopefully we can stay a bit longer!)

Our travel here, felt like an episode of the Amazing Race! Mostly because we had so much luggage to handle and lug around that was not transferred over to our 3 flights, but will save that story for another time.

We were warned that Wellington is windy, aka Windy Welly, and we learned just how windy when trying to land. Our plane missed the landing, then ran low on fuel trying to fight the winds, so we instead landed in Palmerston North, approximately 150km north of Wellington. Then we boarded a bus, and trekked back to the city. We enjoyed the beautiful views while trying to grasp the left-side of the road driving. (We take lessons next week!) In fairness about the wind, while it is normal to be windy here because of the location/bay, there were severe wind warnings that cancelled many of the remaining flights for the day. We flew in bright and early and had no other flight info to compare, and our pilot kept us updated on the situation. It was more of an adventure than anything, and we are happy to finally be here!

So, just how windy?

Windy Welly

Have you ever been blown away before? Literally?


  1. Glad to see you guys made it safely there! And boy, does that look windy, haha, great photo!

  2. @Morgan

    Thanks Morgan for all your comments :) Just figured out how to reply to them, I know you are saving for a few things at the moment, but promise if for any reason you have an excuse to travel to NZ, come over! We have the best place for visitors :)

    The wind is hilarious, just today I wore a wrap dress, and had no idea they wind was blowing it open, I hope everyone enjoyed the show!


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