March 8, 2011

Settling In

Oriental Bay

Oriental Bay, Wellington. Stitched together using the Autostich app.

Our first few days in Wellington have been full of food, wandering around, apartment hunting, and running into familiar faces on the street! We are lucky to have travelled so far from our last "home" of San Francisco, where many of my boyfriends past co-workers have also made the move, giving us a built-in circle of friends. Walking along the street and literally bumping into someone who ends up being someone you know very well is comforting!

We are enjoying lots of pubs, restaurants, takeaways* (take-out) and street festivals. Tons of butter chicken (Indian dish) that was missing from California, and heaps of great wines, particularly Pinot Noirs - my weakness!

*On Saturday I enjoyed a delicious moroccan chicken dish at Casablanca restaurant (complete with a belly dancer!) and wanted to take the remaining food home. Thankfully, I brushed up on common words, because when the wait staff offered to "takeaway" my chicken, a part of me wanted to shout "NO!" and hoard my plate, when indeed I wanted takeaway. Learning the small language differences and culture is my favourite part of being here.

On Sunday, we hit up a street festival. While it was raining, no one appeared to be put off from the activities, the streets were bustling and food lines long. We noticed that very few people use umbrellas to keep dry, and learned that because of the strong winds, they opt for coats with hoods. And while rainboots would make a good choice, there are many who go barefoot. Even in the rain! For me, the best part about the festival was the street food and games. And boy, do kiwi kids know how to party!

The first few days had wind, rain, and the beginnings of fall much to everyones dismay. This week shows bright sunny skies with 20 degrees Celsius every day! Yesterday at lunch, we ventured back to Oriental Bay, walking along the beach. Yes, the beach, that sits next to the CBD (Central Business District = Downtown). We even managed a sunburn from siting out on the patio for lunch!

We are not even one week in, and I love this little gem of a city! Considering we had ventured out without a prior visit, we are very much enjoying life in a new place, and can't wait to settle in. I wonder, who's coming to visit?

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