March 31, 2011

What's in a name?

Today marks one week in our new home! Not much going on aside from unpacking, laundry, shopping and cleaning. We've also been without internet since Monday and I had an unfair fight with the internet company (how can I be unauthorized to access my own account?! Drove me sideways and back again, but not much I could do about that, le sigh.)

I've also been dubbed a housewife, which I don't think is fitting at all, but in true spirit, I've been living up the so-called "housewife" life. Making friends, going for lunch, and? What else do housewives do? Just kidding! I take the name proudly, considering I am setting up our home. Maybe I should be called housepartner? Housegirl? Houselady? Housewoman? Decisions, decisions!

I have been up to my elbows in cleaning products, hanging laundry out to dry (weeee!), job searching (scored some quick temp work in the meantime) and working on applying for residency. My next challenge? Meal planning, and picking a sweet, foodgasmic, delicious dessert from oh, one of the hundreds found on tastespotting. Hello new addiction, I love you times three.

My new neighbour shared this gem of a site, and served up a strong kick ass homemade flat white = espresso with steamed milk. She is the epitome of what I consider a housewife: raising 3 little wee ones, and wears the most adorable aprons on a daily basis. She also greeted us upon move in with homemade brownies. How can you not love a neighbour like that?

I guess it wouldn't be so bad to add some aprons around here, you know, to maybe own the housewife name.

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  1. I hear you on the name. I am currently being called a "lady of leisure" - but it's so NOT. I am hardly wandering around painting my nails and having a billion coffee dates (as much as I would like). It's gym/jobs/laundry/cooking and that's about it. And it's only day three haha! What about "home help" or "chica de casa" - my personal fav! ;)


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