April 7, 2011

The Cats Are Here

Migrating cats overseas has been a battle to say the least. It's a very long, complex process that started last August. We've also been apart from them since February, and are looking forward to bringing them home-home end of this month. (So, anyone else do that when trying to distinguish which home you mean? Home could be interpreted as San Francisco or Canada, depending on who I'm talking to, so when I say home-home, what I'm really trying to say is home where we live here in New Zealand, yes?)

Until then, I'm looking forward to visiting these cuddlebutts this weekend, and spend a glorious 5 hours playing with them and feeding them treats. I've worked from home the past 4 years, so I've gotten used to having them around 24/7, and know their personalities very well. They are the best cats ever (proud owners unite!) and while they can be very lazy, nosey coworkers, they never stop to amuse me, lend a paw, or purr making me feel like I'm doing a good job. They're bossy, like clean sheets, and demand the blinds open so they can look out the window. I've miss these guys to the point where I've broken down in tears because of the distance, and can't wait to have them back with us.

To give you a glimpse of what I mean by personality, meet Sven and Turkey:
9216_138818871805_516116805_3036444_409618_n (1)
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool

Working on my immigration papers

9216_139471211805_516116805_3043397_4692340_n (1)
Being studious

Best seat in the house

2nd best seat in the house

Chilling out...


Relaxing all cool

Seriously? Oh Sven!

Love them so much! Anyone else have a pet with personality?

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  1. HILARIOUS! Cats really are the masters at comfort. I too have a pet with serious personality and her name is Elsie. She's my sidekick.


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