April 29, 2011

Making House a Home

This past week I've been busy trying to put together our home by picking up pieces from all over. Online sales, second hand stores, department stores, garage sales, you name it, I'm there, in line. Since we moved with only clothes, we had planned to rent a furnished home. Planned = key word. Except plans have a funny way of working out... turns out we fell in love with a home and a view that was not furnished. With some tough sweet negotiation charm, our landlord (who owns the home) agreed to leave items behind that we were hoping our future rental home would have. Things like beds, couch, tables etc. But that still left a lot of empty space in the house, and not a lot of function for things we were used to having, so mission making house a home began.

My finds last week included:

White desk/table for our bathroom.

I love the modern feel, clean lines, and think it will make a perfect place for jewelry and beauty essentials.

Vases for the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in our lounge area (aka living room/family room).

Buyer beware! I picked these out online from an auction. For $15 I scored "designer" pottery vases, and was thrilled to have such "large" pieces to fill the shelves. Turns out they are quite mini!

Cookbooks to replace my beloved ones that I couldn't take with me because they were too heavy for luggage. Insert big sad face.

But this one turned that frown upside down, because this book was $1! ONE DOLLAR! Happy days indeed. And while I think anyone would celebrate a $1 book find, you should know here that it retails for at least $50 New Zealand dollars.

Console table/desk perfect for our sun room/office. My favorite room with a view!

Another buyer beware lesson! Take measurements, or you risk the need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on renting a truck or hailing a van cab to transport your goodies. I've done this in the past, and happy to report that this time, we stuffed this beauty into our back seat. Thrilled! We did have to drive 30 minutes with our seats straight up, feeling all awkward, but it's worth it. This table makes me giddy!

A small reward for my efforts: some flower power to make a steel counter feel a little warmer.

And a hearty reward for the bf and all his patience driving me around to gather all my goodies: Steak and Guinness pie. (Making the $1 cookbook worth every cent!)

Fluffy flakey pastry goodness fresh outta the oven! And finally, our new house is starting to feel like home.

Did you score any good finds this week? Anyone else out there updating their home? Can't wait to share some of the plans I have for design!


  1. Those are some great finds! I especially love the wood console table. The three planks across the top make it so interesting and rustic-feeling!

  2. wow you got some brilliant pieces/ finds! I love love that white table you have in the bathroom - perfect! Just makes me want to spend some time nesting hehe...enjoy your lovely home xx


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