April 18, 2011

Working Girl

In six months I went from a home office environment as an event manager, to unemployed in limbo while waiting for work visas, to working the perpetual 9 to 5 (more like 8.30am to 6pm) grind in a very rigid, structured environment.

I went from creating my own schedule, to craving a schedule, to being at the beck and call of other peoples schedule.

I planned my day around client meetings and milestones, to around traffic and avoiding city gridlock, to triaging everyone's urgent request.

Guess I shouldn't complain, in less than 3 weeks I managed to secure a busy job in a new country. In less than 3 weeks I've made more friends in one office than I did in 4 years in the US. I've learned that working in a home office = hermititis. And being in a new country (US) and working from home, was not the best way to settle into a new place. It made daily things like going out, seem like such a chore. It was very easy to revel in my homebody like ways in not only my home life, but also my work life. I did get to travel quite a bit, and loved my airline status points and lounges, but I always traveled alone. A hermit on the road. Now, it's different and the things I enjoy are seeing familiar faces around the office, joining in on social activities (that are beyond the cats and their watercooler traffic james see exhibit A) and the organized ways of an office environment.

Exhibit A

On the flip side, I am struggling with work that is not exactly in my field, and I'm not sure where this experience can take me. And, my biggest confession... I'm exhausted. Zombie styles. Must.sleep.now.9.pm. Struggling to adjust to the routine of wake-up and go! A night owl who has to turn early bird.

Looking back, I totally miss wearing PJ's to work, snuggling up on a couch to read my emails and plan my day, and gazing out the window for some alone time. It was more the pace I enjoyed, the long days, the slow start to a very busy time. I also like exercising self-discipline and choosing projects based on client priorities. I could sit here and create the longest pros and cons for both sides, because each has distinct advantages over the other.

So is it more the hermit meets office world, or the work that's a bit offside from my career that's taking a toll?

It's been almost six years since I worked in a corporate office. It makes me wonder, it is possible to be an office grinder to hermit worker and then switch gears back? Have you switched gears lately? Maybe you went from office master to hermit? Do share, would love to hear how you've adjusted.


  1. Yes, I have done the opposite. I totally feel you on the hermititis bit...esp. in winter here! When I have to go do something or have a social activity, it's a big deal for me. So sad! I guess we adapt to everything, though. I do miss the daily interactions with my old office. You're right...pros and cons for both. Glad you found a job so quickly and jealous!

  2. Congrats on finding a job so quickly! That's great, and seems like it will help you meet some new people in your new town. I hope you're enjoying the change of pace--I myself miss not getting to chat with coworkers now that I'm working from home.


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