May 23, 2011

Recap: the past week

In the past week...

~ I've completed my work contract
~ Celebrated this fact twice with work friends (drinks and wine, and dancing and wine)
~ Added more blonde to my life (sweet as)
~ Found the best ever boots
~ Made pulled pork in a slow cooker (easy peasy, but I prefer the oven method, more love goes into it!)
~ Attended two neighborly dinners (one potluck, and one where we were pampered by an Italian cook)
~ Went out with another neighbor to enjoy the comedy festival (turns out the Canadian comic was the funniest, at least in my Canadian opinion)
~ Turned down a long-term work contract (couldn't agree on the benjamins)
~ Working on my driving skills (still getting honked at by aggressive city drivers)
~ Made puff pastry straws (yumm)
~ Signed up for a library card (I feel like I'm 3rd grade)
~ Said no to Wellywood (agree that it's tacky to showcase creativity in the film industry by using Hollywood's idea)
~ Enjoyed a leisurely Sunday watching surfers catch the waves (while eating hot chips on the beach)
~ Added more decor to operation making house a home (ceramic elephant, heaps of picture frames, and more china dishes)
~ Stood next to a wind turbine, admiring the views of this city surrounded by ocean (kinda made me feel like I'm top of the world)

Catching up on all your posts and excited to see what you've been up to this past week!

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  1. Wow, what a busy week you had! And wowza, the view behind you in that photograph is breathtaking. No wonder you're loving it down there!


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