May 29, 2011

Wellington Food Show Weekend

It was a lovely weekend to enjoy new foods and never ending wine pours at the Wellington Food Show. Paired with a good neighbour and our tickets, we sipped, dipped, and enjoyed are way through the booths. Some favorites included:

* Tokyo lime green tea from t leaf
* A frozen ciprahana from Hi I.Q. Liquor Merchants
* Tart, tangy and New Zealand's only creamy limoncello from Sovrana Limoncello
* Gathering info for a weekend getaway to Hawke's Bay (4 hours away from Wellington)
* A lovely tempranillo (light, fruity, and made me crave cherries) from Hawke's Ridge Wine Estate
* A deliciously dark 2007 Pinot Noir from Johner Estate Wines (sadly I cannot find it on their website, but it made me giddy, since I'm finding it next to impossible to find a pinot noir that can give the Russian River Valley region from California a run for it's pinot noir money.)

I tried to take pictures of everything, but with a wine glass in hand, bags of goodies, and large crowds, I failed. There's always next year!

Dish magazine, that makes me hungry page after page turn - scored tons of free goodies along with my first New Zealand magazine subscription. I did a victory dance for a $35 subscription since a single issue sells for $10 - still in sticker shock over here!

Gu puds, where $20 NZD bought me (and my neighbours - had to share!) two buckets of millionaires flapjacks (think the most splendid, chocolatey, gooey bars, chopped into smaller bite size bits), four chocolate vanilla cheesecakes with the smoothest, creamiest layers, and three mini chocolate puds (never can have too much chocolate, right?).

Fall sure has been kind to us around here, after four days of grey rain, it was lovely to be greeted with this beautiful sunshine-y Saturday... and Sunday (and even today, Monday).

Life is good.

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  1. Wow, that looks like a great food show! I wouldn't need to eat for a week after attending something like that! :)


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