June 17, 2011

30 things in 30 days

Since we've arrived into New Zealand, my schedule has changed dramatically. Long gone are my busy days working from home, with over 50 annual events to plan. Long gone are weekends full of wedding bliss and orchestrating a grand plan to keep us on schedule. Some days I work when I can secure temp jobs, and other days I keep busy running errands, cleaning the house and lugging groceries down the steep hill to our home. Some days I'm enjoying the relaxed way of life here in New Zealand while sitting on the deck sipping coffee watching the boats sail by. Other days I'm hanging out with friends as we hop around town visiting new places. Somedays, time flies. Somedays, I do nothing at all.

The one thing missing for this scheduled list-maker is, well, sometimes, actual stuff I want to accomplish. So as I enter a new week with a new short-term work gig, I decided to challenge myself with 30 things in 30 days. No excuses. Especially now that it's published!

  1. Learn to knit.
  2. Cook 1 intimidating meal each week.
  3. Wake-up at the same time each day for one week.
  4. Walk somewhere three times a week, the bus stop doesn't count.
  5. Skype with family or friends each week.
  6. Read a book and a half. (Finish The Help, and start a new one.)
  7. Learn a new hairstyle.
  8. Take a tai chi class.
  9. Get back on track taking daily vitamins.
  10. Visit a new part of New Zealand.
  11. Dine out in town at a-must-dine restaurant.
  12. Attend a quiz night at a local pub.
  13. Create a filing system for our GST receipts.
  14. Bake a dessert.
  15. Sweep the leaves from the back porch.
  16. Mail out care packages to our three nephews.
  17. Host or attend an NZ wine tasting.
  18. Mail out two long overdue thank you notes.
  19. Do something that will add to my career path in event management.
  20. Create a welcome home basket for our neighbors upon their return from vacation.
  21. Stretch daily.
  22. Wash the car for the bf.
  23. Learn how to take a photo that has a blurry background while focusing on something in great detail.
  24. Keep up with blogging weekly.
  25. Plan two surprise dates for my bf.
  26. Purchase (and use daily) a crosstrainer/elliptical machine.
  27. Make something crafty.
  28. Stock three new spices in my pantry and make a dish with them.
  29. Create weekly intentions for myself.
  30. Organize my desktop files.

Any other list lovers out there? How are your to-do lists, 1001 in 100, or 30 before 30 lists going? Are you looking to try something new in the next 30 days, do share!


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  2. You won me over with this list from number 1. I learnt to knit two years ago at this website http://www.aokcorral.com/how2oct2003.htm

    and loved it, it's so addictive. With so many fun things on your list I'm sure you'll do great! Can't wait to hear how you go :)

  3. @Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Fiji Thanks Vanisha!!! Guess what? I'm using that exact link to learn how to knit!!! So far no luck, but I'll keep trying. I'm having a hard to reading the screen and trying to figure it out. I've tried a few videos too.... I'll keep on keeping on but right now, I'm just make a lot of knots :)

  4. Sounds like you are going to be one busy lady! I love all of your goals, especially the one about stocking three new spices and learning to cook with them. I'd also like to improve my photography skills.

  5. This is such a wonderful idea!! And I like that you have incorporated stuff like "Visit a new part of NZ" to stuff like being more in touch with family/friends on skype! I am sure you will do a great job and will accomplish it all! I hope to do something similar once I move to Norway :-) I might need your help haha ;-) Have a great week girl!!! <3

  6. This is a great idea! And I know how much you love lists, just like me! :)

    Although I sometimes find I have so many things I want to accomplish, if I put it in list form, I'd just keep adding and adding to it! Sometimes forgetting a thing or two is good for me, especially if it's expensive or time consuming DIY projects.


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