June 8, 2011

Wandering Around: Sydney Australia (video montage)

Recently discovered a new (to me) blog, La Mia Vita, and have fallen in love with Niky's view on life, family, friends and San Francisco. Not only is she beautiful, but she has the most amazing get togethers that look like a blast, and she makes me long for the city that has my heart (cheesy but true!). Love how she captures all the fun and vibrance in the city by the bay. I devoured her archive blog posts and loved the way she recaps her trips, specifically her video montage.

So with a bit of luck (on not losing the camera during our outings), a bit of patience (not everyone was on board with my recording, ahem, boyfriend), a bit of work (remembering to capture video and not just snap iphone pics) and a whole lot of patience (using iMovie), here is our 3 day getaway to Sydney in 3 minutes.

Wandering Around: Sydney Australia from WanderInDelight on Vimeo.


  1. can we please trade places!??!?!

    im so excited you stopped by my blog so i can follow you on your journeys! and maybe one day we can trade places and i can head over to australia/new zealand!!! haha (wishful thinking). have a wonderful day!

  2. I LOVE your video! So clever - I wish I could do that! And how gorgeous did the Opera House look with that lighting? Amazing. I love visiting Sydney for the shopping and the sights - it sounds like you packed all the best parts into one weekend very successfully! Yay!

  3. @Leah Thanks Leah, it was so fun to make, knowing I had this vision at the start of our trip. Can't wait to make another one, you should try it, do ittttt!


So glad you wandered by!