June 10, 2011

Wrap-up on Weekend in Sydney

Our trip to Sydney was a quick one. With friends who are relocating to Hawaii, we high-tailed it over the Tasman Sea and took full advantage of spending the weekend with them by catching up over wine, dinner, sand, and waves before they head out.

With last-minute plans to visit, we didn't have much time to prepare and research our destination. But as ironic as this sounds, it's best to leave the Type A Planner in me behind. I prefer my getaways to be relaxing and loosely planned, with high emphasis on relaxing. On our 2 day getaway (plus an impromptu extra day due to mechanical issues with our departing flight) we tagged along with our friends to an afternoon BBQ, hopped on the tour bus to catch some must-see sights, sat on Bondi beach enjoying morning coffee, shopped, enjoyed massasages, acted like a tourist, pretended to be locals, and took a ferry across to Manly Beach to meet up with a highschool friend and her family. (The world is indeed a small place, when you can cross paths with old friends!)

Because the loosely made plans were in effect, we pleasantly wandered upon:

Sydney's amazing lightshow

Taste of Manly, a food, wine, and sustainability festival

A little something-something from Swarovski

Duty free shopping at SYD is at one of the largest airports I've visited! (Forever New, Swarovski, Victoria's Secret, and Apple were our hangouts during the 5 hours we sat waiting for an update on our plane, that was eventually cancelled. I could get into my complaint about non-existent customer service, but I'll save you from my nagging ways. I've tried to inform VA of the experience via phone, twitter and website feedback forms, but have not received a response. In fact the phone agent directed me to the website feedback form, so while she is aware, there was nothing said or done to assist us. Word to the wise: Virgin Australia is NOT Virgin America in terms of service out of the International terminal at SYD.)

The upside? An extra night in Sydney!!

We visited King's Cross district, known for it's party hopping ways... though it was a Monday, so it was a bit more on the tamer side than what we've been told. Dined at the lovely Gazebo Wine Garden in this area, and I highly recommend it to any food and wine lovers. A quirky yet quaint place, with a unique (to me) menu. I enjoyed salmon in a champagne sauce and had an amazing wine tasting experience, while sitting on a zebra print couch. Our friends sat across in leather wing back chairs with nail head trim, and there was a fox with a crown hanging upside down from the ceiling, while the gazebo garden theme was in full effect. I failed on taking pics, but if you can imagine this crazy scene, just imagine even better food and service. You will not be disappointed!!

Due to the cancelled flight, our new itinerary included a stopover in Brisbane, and we noticed there was a shuttle from the airport to the outlet shopping mall. Made us wish we had arrived earlier so we could partake in some more shopping! (I'm sure my wallet is thankful we didn't!) Add it to your list if you're making any plans for this airport.

If you're planning an upcoming getaway, let me know what we missed in Sydney! We hope to return and enjoy more getaway weekends wandering around Australia.

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