July 6, 2011

I ran down the hill trying to catch the bus...

... Now I'm hopin to myself everything is cool
Standin on my block like a fool
for (1) I'm all alone and (2) the bus is gone...

I missed the bus. (True story.)

Have never experienced so many missed buses now that I'm in New Zealand. Not trying to complain about it, but it's getting a bit out of hand. There is a very decent system here, that covers many stops and locations, but the actual drivers? They are a bit aggressive, sometimes I think there their motto is 'keep on truckin', cause they just go, always on a mission, always as if they are late. So while I've had my share of moments where I literally am missing the bus by mere seconds, and running, arms flying trying to catch up to it, the majority of the time? The bus psyches you out, and then decides to keep going.

You can be standing at a bus stop, waiting. Bus approaches. Slows down. Pulls into the bus lane to stop and pick you up, and then? Decides to keep driving on. Sara 0, Bus 3.

Yes. 3 times the bus has psyched me out, stood me up, left me standing there.

Or. You can see the bus arriving, and think, 'I'll show that bus' so you start waving like you are on fire, thinking, the bus won't leave me. This time. Right. Wait?! There. Goes. The. Bus. Sara 0, Bus 4.

Or. You can be standing in a spot where multiple buses stop. And then when 3 or 4 buses arrive at once, if you are not standing in the magic spot where the bus decides to screech to a halt, you may very well miss your bus as you race sidewalk traffic (it's intense in the central business districts, that and I'm always on the wrong side, fighting upstream it seems). Once you make it to the doors, you see that the bus is closing the doors and departing, without a care in the world as you stand there shouting, "Hey! Open the door! "I wasn't even late!!" Sara 0, Bus 7.

If you are lucky enough to get on the bus, there is a strong possibility someone will drop there cell phone when the bus stops short. Or if you are extremely lucky, the cell phone will hit you in the head first as it falls to the floor sliding across, because the bus stopped short. Sara 0, Cell phone 1, Bus 8.

There's also the confusion over what constitutes a bus transfer. I've only ever been successful in making a transfer once, with use of my bus card (snapper, a card you load with funds and swipe on the bus). It's been 3 weeks and the $10 round trip to work is getting pricey. No matter how hard I try, somehow I'm on a bus that doesn't do transfers, is an express, the bus driver has no idea, the time expired (how is that possible when exiting one and hopping right on another?!) or whatever other excuse, reasoning, suggestion the driver makes. Sara 0, Bus 9.

And then the unthinkable happened this week.

As I was transferring from one bus to another, I saw my 2nd bus driving off, and I muttered to myself "crap, there it goes" to which the driver responded, "HOLD ON! Let's catch that bus!" And indeed we caught up to the bus at the very next stop. Sara 1, Bus 9.

Small victories. I'll take 'em while I can get them.

And for the record, Kris Kross was my first concert.


  1. Love the Kris Kross reference! I'm sorry about your bus troubles - nothing frustrates me more than having to rely on the bus here in SF. My commute is my least favorite part of the day. Hang in there!

  2. I'm so sorry, because I know it isn't fun at all for you to miss the bus so ofter, but this post cracked me up! And here, I thought you had mastered public transportation in SF, but it sounds like a whole new system to learn down there!

  3. Oh dear that doesn't sound like much fun at all, especially in winter in windy wellington! Hope your bus luck picks up soon :)


    ok...im NOT laughing that you missed your bus. because i haven't taken the bus alone yet here in norway and i can only imagine the crap ill end up doing. AND, each trip here to the city costs 8 dollars US...pricy :(

    but i really hope those aggressive drivers freaking slow down and let you hop aboard :) or whatevs LOL!

    excited to be able to keep up with your blog again!!!! ive missed it!

  5. @Kim Seriously, I have started chanted this to myself when I'm having one of those days. Misery loves company, I just tell myself, Sara, you are not alone AND luckily you are not commuting in SF on Bart, ha! (Sorry!)

  6. @Morgan It's all good, you can laugh and enjoy my antics. I do laugh myself because seriously? How can a bus just stand you up?!?! I was speechless the first time it happened, thinking I must have done something wrong.

  7. @Amanda The wind! The rain! Oh my! I've taken cabs one too many times just to help myself out, and debated sending the bill to the bus :)

  8. @Megan Welcome back to internet blogging land! Looking forward to your adventures too :) One thing I find so strange here, is that if you don't have a bus pass, the driver makes the transaction at the door for you. You have to tell them where you are headed, put your money in a cup, then they make change and print you a receipt, all while driving!!!


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