July 1, 2011

One of those weeks

It's been one of those weeks. Where no matter how much you tell yourself to simmer down, or take it easy, the next backwards thing that happens just keeps nudging you along down the woe-is-me path. Late buses, grouchy coworkers, forgotten lunches, rainy days with no rain jacket, missed garbage day pick-up, missed meeting, late for work, cold. Yup, one of those weeks.

Right now, Turks needs some lovin' and small prayers. Will know more this week after a biopsy why his ear is all rashy and scabby. It's not easy seeing him like this, he's a very cuddly loveable guy. He's on meds, eating mounds of wet food slathered in gravy (his fav part), and is getting cuddles 24/7.


P.S. Happy Canada Day (July 1st). We very much miss fireworks with friends, and craving some timmies (coffee) and ketchup chips.


  1. Awww, poor Turkey! I hope he is going to be alright! Let us know when you find out, poor little guy. :(

  2. oh my poor Turks :( i hope he feels better soon and i hope the biopsy went well :(

  3. PS: I love ketchup chips (my fav part of traveling to Canada for work...no joke!)

  4. @Megan Um hello to world wide love for ketchup chips! Does Norway have some??? We don't, but we do have flavours like BBQ chicken and tzatziki (sp?), go figure!


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