July 29, 2011

Saturday Laziness


It's a lazy day here, with a growing to do list:
  • Tidy up
  • Feed the neighbors cat
  • Weekly meal planning inspired from here
  • Grocery shop
  • Prep for tomorrow's potluck dinner
  • Prep for an interview next week (a declined cv application turned into "but we have this other awesome opportunity you might be interested in!")
  • Vacation planning: short jaunt to Beijing then off for some R&R but where oh where to go? Bali? Fiji? Thailand?
  • Alterations so I can finally wear pants again, er, that sounded wrong, but my work wardrobe is missing pants, I'm all about dresses and skirts!
  • Work out but in a funner way - kinect styles

Plus it's a beautiful sunny day, I really shouldn't waste it away, but I'm so cozy in my pj's on the couch. Don't judge, please?


  1. Sounds like my idea of a perfect day. It's still Friday night here so I have all day tomorrow to bask in glorious laziness . . . I can't wait :)

  2. That is such a great image. No judgement from me, I could live in my PJs. How's your other list going? Can't wait to hear about it. Happy weekend!

  3. I'm still wearing what I slept in ;-) I just make sure when I wear pajamas they are regular clothes I sleep in so I never "say" I'm still in my pajamas. That just made no sense!

    So you're off to China!!! And looking at more vacay?! I need to get somewhere in that area...all I ever do is Europe!


So glad you wandered by!