July 24, 2011

Thinking Warm Thoughts

With the cold winter that has finally settled among us, I was reminiscing about the never-ending Los Angeles summer weather from five years ago.

Five years ago I packed up my bags and moved to a new country, travelled 4,200 km by car, driving across the US to Los Angeles to meet up with the boyfriend. We had been dating just over 6 months, with 4 of those months being long-distance. He took another job opportunity (his dream job) this time in LA, and it was one of times where either you do something about it to be together, or you part ways. Life was taking him in one direction, and I could support it by joining him or waving from afar, but it was clear, if we wanted to be together, something had to give.

I was in between jobs, and had never been to LA, so while I couldn't decide if we were ready to live together, I knew I wanted a chance to get to know him some more. I figured I could enjoy a few months in LA, see the sights, and somehow at the end of it, I'd figure it out. By figure it out, I mean, we'd know if we'd still want to live together, if I could find work, and if I could earn a work visa. So many challenges presented themselves, and looking back I think I was crazy to make such a big change in life on a dream and a whim.

But, here we are. Five years later, living in New Zealand. Another work visa, a 2nd cat, thousands of kilometers travelled, living in our 4th home.

I'm still in awe today like I was when I arrived into Los Angeles. The feeling of being drunk on life, on love, and bursting with excitement. Getting butterflies whenever I catch sight of the familiar iconic city sights that are now part of my home.

When we left LA I was quite sad, and missed it dearly. While San Francisco eventually took over as my lover, seriously, I LOVE SF, I realized one of the things I missed most about it was the weather. The warm sunny weather no matter the time of day. The warm sun and palm trees, always reminding you that hey, it's warm here, think happy thoughts!

It's July, and while our family and friends back in North America experience summertime, we have winter. It's cold, bitter, and windy. It's full of sideways rain, constant strong winds up to 120km per hour, and leaves my skin cracking, begging for lotion. It's been a long time since we experienced the cold winter we grew up with (oh hey -40 degrees celcius, we don't miss you!) and I feel a bit of a wuss complaining when I'm outside. California spoiled us. And as we sit by the fire, with the heat on, avoiding the chilly drafts from every window, we reminisce about our first summer Christmas in LA. And then it hits me, we will have a summer Christmas in New Zealand!


  1. What a beautiful post Sara. I feel so drunk on life as well. I think it's really admirable that you've made so many decisions based on what you wanted and what makes you happy. Christmas in New Zealand is very pretty, I especially like the santa display in Auckland city - santa,reindeer and PALM TREES!

  2. @Vanisha Thanks Vanisha for your comment, it's so supportive and sweet! Palm trees make so happy, that is another thing I miss about LA, so I was thrilled to see them in NZ, we even have a palm type tree in our backyard :)


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