July 27, 2011

Winter Cold Snap

After thinking warm thoughts, we hit a "cold snap", one of the coldest so far this year! I looked at the temperatures, 4 degrees, and thought if this is a cold snap, what do they do when it's 0 degrees?

Turns out, 4 degrees is very cold. And with limited insulation in buildings, it can feel colder for longer. Heating is a bit of luxury, considering the price of our electricity for one month could fund a mini-vacation to somewhere hot, say Vegas, Hawaii or Mexico from San Francisco (flight, hotel and spending money, aye!). Then again, this is a country where you plan for sun to help with the heating of your home. We love our that home gets all day sunshine, and figured this would help us out in the winter months, but we didn't realize, more windows = less insulation. Not too mention the vents do not run up to the second floor/bedrooms. At times we are colder indoors than outside, and we seem to spend more than trying to get warm and stay warm than being warm. I'm lucky we have electric heat, and a modern home though. Living in New Zealand makes me feel grateful for things I've taken for granted, especially when I know there are others who aren't as fortunate.

After complaining sharing my feelings, my family in Canada looked to the weather report and told me things don't look so bad!

WLG Weather

Apparently, things are just fine.

So I sent them a few pics, someone looks chilly:

But he was in luck because his sheep wool blanket that he wasn't fond of and tried to attack, came in handy!

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Now, please excuse me as I take cover under 5 blankets to warm up my fingers, brrr!


  1. Oh yes, even though temperature wise it doesn't get that cold in Wellington - feeling wise, it gets COLD. Electric blankets, hot water bottles, blankets, extra jumpers, cups of tea, fuzzy socks and slippers - all of these things are essential to surviving a winter, because like you said, to pay for heating is just to expensive!! Rug up and stay warm!! xx

  2. I swear by hot water bottles and my Uggs. Have you got a pair yet Sara? They'll be a good investment :)

  3. 4 degrees!? When I first read it I thought it was F, not Celcius (I can't spell fareighheijoteheit hahahha). Still is cold as dirt though! But just wait until I start complaining this winter in Norway ;-)


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