August 5, 2011

Dining Around Town

Last night kicked off Wellington on a Plate. Reminds me of Dine Around SF or Summerlicious in Toronto, lots of activities, prix-fixe menus and deals at top restaurants. I've made bookings at restaurants that I wanted to check out, and last night we headed out to Crazy Horse The Steakhouse.

I've been looking forward to their wine pairing prix-fixe menu but with a stuffy nose and battling a cold, I wasn't in any position to wine taste. Bummer.

Instead I indulged in some red meat, some tasty eye fillet cooked medium rare. (Fillet not filet, as I've been corrected when I order a filet. Sometimes I wonder if things are just pronounced differently here because of the kiwi accent...?) I sure do miss red meat! Have been following a low cholesterol diet, and cut out as much meat as I can. I limit meat to only one meal a day if that, instead I try to stick with beans, lentils and fish for protein. So a steak dinner was a very special treat, AND I snagged that job that I interviewed for this week, so a little celebrating was in order.

It was divine! A glorious 200 grams of well seasoned and seared steak cooked medium rare. Nom nom nom, get in my belleh! Some kumara (sweet potato) and pumpkin hash, rocket (arugula) and parmesan salad, and scalloped potatoes. Glad my apetite came back and I didn't let a cold get in my way of me and my dinner. The only thing I will not order next time, is bone marrow. Yikes! I chose the red wine and bone marrow sauce, but I didn't expect to get actual bones on my plate. If it wasn't for the fact that I've been living off soup all week, I would have sent it back. Yes, really! It kinda grossed me out, but I thought, well that's what you get for trying to be adventurous. Though, I did try the marrow three times, and gave it a go, thinking my cold will mask any bad flavour. It's actualy fine to taste, but the texture and presentation (in a bone!) yikes!

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, looks like we have a few meals to enjoy around town! A nice way to get out this winter. What are you looking forward to? And are you adventurous when dining or stick to the tried and true favorites?


  1. We were just in your neck of the woods this weekend! We saw all of the "Wellington on a Plate" signs and it looked like a ton of fun... but not with a 7 week old, ha ha :-) Wellington was such a cool town. We were only there for about 2 1/2 days, so not enough time to see all of it. I'm hoping that we get down there again sometime in the next few months or over the summer.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. @Jenny @ Practically Perfect... That's awesome, glad you had a great time, and the weather was great! We've been here 5 months and I find new places to explore daily, I love that about a little city. If you head back this way, let me know I can share some must-see tidbits with you! Hope you had safe travels home.

  3. ive been so busy but i MISS reading your blog!!! and i thought about you yesterday b/c new zealands next top model came on here in norway LOL!!! totally random :) hope you're doing well and can't wait to have time to catch up on your blog :)

  4. Congratulations on the new job Sara! How exciting, and I don't think there's a greater way to celebrate than enjoying good food and good wine!

  5. @Megan Megannnn! Right back at you, but sounds like you've been having quite the adventures, so happy for you! Love reading about all the cool things you are up to in Norway and loving that you are reunited with your love!

  6. @Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life in...Fiji Thank you Vanisha!!! I'm so excited, what a cool feeling to finally have, living the wandering life sometimes work is less than exciting, you know? Loving the new opportunity that came my way. Yes, food and drink make a happy belly and a wonderful celebration!

  7. Yum, that steak looks so good! I have been following a quasi-vegan diet lately, and it's been ages since I indulged in a steak. I am not a bone marrow fan either - I had it at a French restaurant about 6 months ago and was queasy for several days after I ate it!

  8. Finally back to catch up on what you've been up to (and actually read this post...last time I commented I didn't have time to read it LOL!).

    CONGRAATTTTS on your job!!! :) I need some motivation from you to pursue one of my own here. I'm tired of being poor!

    That meal looks delicious...but bone marrow?!?! I'm not sure I'm brave enough! If they called it something different I may consider :)

    I have nothing adventurous when it comes to food going on :( I eat sandwiches everyday...typical Norwegian cuisine. Kind of sucks, but helps now that I'm poor ya know!? But once I get a job I'm super stoked to start eating at local places a bit more...even if it is outrageously expensive!

  9. That meal sounds so good, except the bone marrow *shivers*!

    I love it when cities have "restaurant weeks," it's such a good excuse to get to try some more expensive or adventurous places.


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