August 30, 2011

Past week in photos

A look back at some pictures, on a borrowed laptop. Mine is still kaput, fried, drenched in red red wine. Hoping we can find a Mac store to the rescue. There is no Apple store here, which reminds me of the time there was no Apple store on the Big Island, Hawaii, making me think there's some Apple conspiracy to take over the world, yet not take over the world at the same time. Arrrrrgh (pirate styles)!

photo 2
Lyall Bay beach, coffee and wave watching

photo 1
Said coffee, Americano styles aka USA which is not really Americano but as close as I can find to the US version that I miss so!

photo 1
One week after the polar blast record setting snowfall freezing temps, annnnnd, a few days before another "cold snap" - silly New Zealand, tricks are for kids!

photo 3
Oh Sweet Mothers Kitchen, a Wellington favourite. Thank you for having fish tacos, which like a USA coffee are the closest I can find to a version back home.

photo 2
Ohwiro Bay, and if you look really closely, you can see the South Island in the centre of the pic. Planning a ferry ride over to visit and camp around, can't wait!

photo 5
On my 4th day of work my true love gave to me, a yellow tart lemon, disguised as an orange wannabe!

Hope you all had a wonderful week too!


  1. Great photos! The beach looks amazing. I also love the orange tart lemon - so misleading!

  2. So many gorgeous photos, as usual. It looks like you guys are living in a postcard!

    So sad about your laptop though, hopefully you can find someone to fix it for you soon.

  3. Orange tart lemon - loved it :) How's work going? Can't wait to hear more about what you're doing!

  4. PS I've nominated you for the Liebster Award (Blog Award)! You can pick it up and view the details here:

  5. Wow, it's really awesome there.. I love the beach!

  6. Ha ha, I know what you mean about the Americanos not really being Americanos :-)

    My friend Brooke has a Mac, and she's had to have it sent to Australia twice in 3 years in order to have repairs done. Crazy!

  7. Both Jase (who LOVES your blog as much as I do btw) and I CRACKED up at your comments about the coffee.

    Girl - you do know you are living in THE coffee capital in the world right?! Wellington has more cafe's per head of population than anywhere else in the entire globe. If there is one thing that Welly does well - its a good coffee. (I am so sure you have heard this speech numerous times haha!).

    The funniest thing is - coffee is the number one thing I seriously miss here in Canada. Blurgh - everything tastes like dirt to me! We have finally settled on an Americano Misto from (sadly) starbucks as being the best we can get - it's the closes to a kiwi Flat White. In NZ - Starbucks is like the devil, I would NEVER go there unless I was desperate (you will find it full of tourists anyway). Yet I can't seem to find anything better here.

    I guess if you have grown up with a certain style, then you know no better - and you probably crave it when you leave these shores. Every Canadian I have met goes on and on about Tim Hortons - but unfortunately Timmy's got the thumbs down from me too for not offering soy milk (fussy I know).

    The other thing I realised was that we were trying to hard to get something close to what we drank at home - so we kept ordering cappucino's and being disappointed - because I don't think barista's here are taught to make them the same. It's just like your Americano - that isnt a regular "style" of coffee in NZ, so the barista's might not have learnt the key to making it correctly - thus making it taste yuk to you.

    I highly HIGHLY recommend you try a flat white (if you haven't already) and please PLEASE go to Memphis Belle on Dixon St (between Taranaki St & Cuba St, on the right hand side by Pigeon Park (Te Ara Park)). You will not regret it.

    As soon as I land in Wellington - I am stopping off there! No lie!

    Good luck on your coffee quest, I know how tough it can be!!

  8. @LeahYou know it! Coffee just isn't the same, and I'm not trying to argue which is better. I know my coffee back home was weak in comparison but I really like to enjoy an extra large cup of drip coffee and sip away. Here no one understands my quest, they like it muddy, dark, and small. Le sigh. And Timmies so fits the bill, not that the I'm bragging it's the best, but it's a lifestyle thing to get tim bits and a double double and off you go! I'll keep ya posted on my quest :)


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