August 12, 2011

The past week in photos... vol 2

The week flew by, almost a blur, yet the days dragged on. Partly full of cold germs and exhaustion, and others with chaos and multi-tasking. But the weekend is here. And looking back, the week was interesting. Just the way I like it.

"Wine is one's best friend, the companion of one's life, consoler of sorrow, adornment of prosperity." - Grimod de la Reyniere

Dinner at Shed 5 for another Wellington on a Plate night out. Big portions, lovely wine list, on the water, a bit romantic, big on flavors. Next time hold all the arugla on all the plates we had (we had four).

Still in sticker shock!!

My kind of library.

Small but cute crepery, view from the bus.

My lunch date at the Chocolate Frog (also owned by Chocolate Fish).

The "dress your bottle" competition.

I lost.

And am a sore loser.
Can you guess which one is mine? I sewed and made it from a little kid's polo shirt and a package of sponges.

Note: the lego one won, as did the wood nest thingy (seriously?!) and the chef.
I do not feel victorious.

But Turkey does. Evidence:


Until next week!


  1. Woah, that's some expensive mascara! What a fun competition - I'm sorry you didn't win . . . next time!

  2. What a great competition! I hope you take part in it again. The Chocolate Frog looks like a fun kinda place as does that library ;)

  3. holy mascara!!!!!! and i thought it was bad here!!!!! sheesh!!!

    and the kitties look so cute :) hope you had a nice weekend girl!

  4. Woah, that is some crazy priced makeup! Now I know what you'll be stocking up on next time you visit home!

    And that looks like such a fun wine dress up competition. Wine is one of my best friends too!


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