August 18, 2011

Winter Wonderland (in August)

It's been 30 years since Wellington has experienced snow. We braced ourselves for a storm, and a winter storm we received indeed, going on four days strong!

It's been a cold yet giddy time. Many of my Kiwi friends who were born and raised in Wellington have never experienced snow, and it was quite magical to see them light up in amazement. And even if some had seen snow in their lives, it wasn't much and it was far too long ago. New Zealand does have snow in some areas, Wellington isn't one of them. 30 years!

See? Snow is like magic! Can't we all be this happy when it snows?


It's been chilly, nights are spent wrapped up in fuzzy blankets and hoping the power doesn't go out. We only had one 1 fire log left, and it was sold out around town in anticipation of the "once-in-a-lifetime-storm". (Kev did pick up 4 bags of kindling as a back-up. Thankfully we had power, though we lost internet for two days... which was a nice break from surfing the net.)

We thought the warnings were a bit dramatic.


Monday, work declared a snow day without a a flake of snow sticking on the ground, snow days are truly the best. But snow days without actually being snowed in, are pretty awesome. (Note: out of safety this was a good idea because the hills and ice oh my! For a city that doesn't get snow, it's not prepared to handle the road hazards. You know, roads with no guardrails and sea level water?)

Lambton Quay, one of my favorite pictures seen in the news.

Smiling on the inside! The fuzzy white area over the water, is snow!

First sight of snow on Monday morning!

The rain. The wind. The hail. The thunder! THE THUNDER! And lighting. Once-in-a-lifetime-storm indeed.

Hail and snow. Lightening flash lit this up!

A storm that gives you layering advice too!

4 days later and the winds and rain and hail continue, but the snow has melted. And now we reminisce about that time it snowed in Wellington. (Hands down one of the coolest experiences in New Zealand so far, if anything to see the pure joy it brought to the coolest little capital city.)


Stay cool everyone else, we're keeping warm!


  1. How fun! The world has seen a lot of crazy weather patterns this year. Even though it's probably a sign of global warming, it's nice to see a mix of weather every so often. I certainly will never complain about an 80-degree day in January in San Francisco. Love all of your snow pics :)

  2. Wow, 30 years with no snow! It really must have been such a fun time for everyone. I love stormy weather, nothing better than curling up by a fire with a book and a glass of wine. Or going out and playing in the snow! Too bad it melted so fast!

  3. The weather in Auckland, Welling and Dunedin made the Fiji news! :) the picture of the lightening lighting up that shot was great!

  4. how freaking cool for you!!! bet you never thought you'd experience this in NZ did you?!

    and i cant believe 30 years without snow...that is incredible! enjoy it :)


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