September 15, 2011

And then the sun came out!

Someone was listening!

Thank you, the sun shone brightly the very next morning. The day after that time it almost snowed again in Wellington, sun!

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Like a postcard!

Turns out a lot of people have misconceptions about the weather in New Zealand. I've received many messages and had many friends not amazed by the weather here, saying, it's winter, OF COURSE THERE IS SNOW. And I think, simmer down, I just moved here, and I was told there wasn't snow. Here's my tip about New Zealand weather.

Yes there is snow, but mostly on the South Island. Which sounds contradictory because South = hot in my books. California and Florida are examples of places south of Toronto and while we had snow (and other seasons) these areas I considered warm, being southerly and all. (Even though I learned while they may not have snow, they do get cold.)

But back to the lesson. The North Island does have snow, but more inland in areas with mountains. The northern island is fairly narrow so most cities run along the coastline. And while the actual temperature is probably colder near the water, it's damper and doesn't take to freezing.

When the temperature drops to form icicles, snow flakes, hail and freezing rain, it's rare, even though it's winter. It hovers around 3 degrees, which is a far cry from -40 degrees celcius that I grew up with in Alberta Canada. My Kiwi friends joke that I must laugh at them all watching them in awe of the snow and cold, but I don't. They are so amazed by it all, back home, you just complain about it all, it's a very nice change.

Ok that concludes my lesson here. I'm thankful it's warming up!

In other news, we are back to filling out immigration papers. Our work visas have been extended for at least a year, and we hope to apply for residency, allowing us to live here and come and go as we please. With certain skills on the country's shortage list, you can earn residency a lot easier and faster than in most countries. Unfortunately, since New Zealand is so small, the student population tends to leave after high school to live overseas, making it hard to retain talent. Would you believe that plumbers are in high demand here? Maybe you should rethink your occupation and come join us?!

Have you ever lived overseas and dealt with work visas? It's such a paper nightmare and challenging, and at times can feel so restricting. Often I've felt so stressed out putting my future in the hands of a piece of paper, or in this case a blue sticker in my passport. Sometimes you feel like no one could possibly understand your nomadic lifestyle, and then I meet some of the coolest people (in real life and through this blog) and then I don't feel so minuscule and like an alien (as the US categorized me). Hoping residency comes through, it would be a really cool moment if we could be proud Kiwis!


  1. There is a lot of paper work involved but that's only for a tiny tiny while...once that's done you'll be sooo free. I'm glad the sun came out there. It's sunny here but my goodness the wind chill! Off to the coast tomorrow, have a great weekend Sara :)

  2. Glad the sun finally came out! Good luck with all of your paperwork . . . and many of us are envious of your nomadic life ;)

  3. sunny in bergen means all clouds with no rain. ill take this kind of sun ANYDAY!

  4. It's so true about the weather! You have seen some amazing (snow) stuff since you have been in Wellington. Enjoy Spring - it's the nicest month in Welli - the wind doesn't blow as hard, and you get clear sunny days. Summer sucks (sorry to say it).

    Good luck with all the visa stuff, I hated doing it to come here (ugh, and our UK ones were a nightmare!). But I am over the moon that you want to stay longer in the most beautiful country in the world (ok, I am a bit biased!). Yay for NZ!!


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