September 29, 2011

How to spend a date night in New Zealand

Drive out to your favourite sunset watching place...

Then go watch the planes land...

photo 2

Find a good parking spot and get comfy...

photo 2

And grab some tasty beachside takeaway... my choice: corn fritters with a side of cream guac

photo 1

His choice: juicy hamburger...

photo 3

Our choice: hot chips...

photo 4

And spend it with your favourite best friend...

photo 5

And love each other no matter what. In greasy hair, lounge wear, and glam-less details, and love him back even though he smiles at the playback screen and not the lens.



  1. Such a sweet post! What a fun date night - those hot chips look amazing :)

  2. What a lovely date night! You guys are so sweet :)

  3. Aw, sounds perfect! Right down to the corn fritters!

  4. Hot chips and coke - I need so little to be happy ;) What a great date night Sara <3

  5. i need to come to new zealand...if not for anything, FOR THE FOOD!!! corn fritters and hot chips!? yes please!


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