September 6, 2011

Real quick update...

Turns out the acronym for Random Acts of Kindness day was RAK not ROK as I reported, and no one told me!

Truth: Today I wore my 'fat' pants that I shrunk 3 months ago, making then way too tight (as such rendering them no longer fat pants), but today they were baggy. I realize this sounds like I'm bragging, and I am? Thank you. Fat pants from 4 years ago that are now baggy? Amen. New Zealand has been good to me! I'm so excited!!!

Getting caught singing 'I'm so excited' (a la Pointer Sisters) by your boyfriend = reeeeediculous (a la Judge Judy styles). To set up the scene for you... I was singing 'I'm so excited' to Turkey, who has kicked another food allergy, and on the mend. Kev was engaged with a tv show, and I had no idea he paused the show to watch me do little high fives with Turks and listen to my sorely sung tunes. I laughed so hard I cried (out of embarrassment).

If you are searching for a new comfort food, one that you will crave for weeks on end after your last indulgence, then make this Gardener's Pie. Yes, there's no meat, but trust me no one will notice. Everyone will ask for the recipe, and hey I won't tell anyone if you use chicken stock. It's yummy, buttery goodness and you have to have seconds. You've been warned, enjoy!

And... it's spring time in New Zealand! Good bye year of winter! This year has been San Francisco until January (that started last October), Vancouver until February and winter (until September) in Wellington... hello sunshining warm spring temps!

/end updates


  1. I have a friend over in Wellington at the moment, truly wandering around :) Spring here in Australia too, though I think Canberra is late to the party!


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