September 22, 2011

Time for fun

One of my favourite parts of the day is catching up on blogs when heading into work on the bus. While my bus adventures are a story of their own, it's when I'm on the bus and get a chance to catch up on everyone else, that I'm in a happy place. I love being somewhere kinda foreign (still), surrounded by strangers, yet feeling like I'm not alone, like I have a group of friends catching me up on their daily shenanigans. Love it.

Today one of my treasured reads (I read but not comment, I never know what to say, and worry that it will just get lost among the hundreds of commenters. And I read her posts like a book... it feels strange because I'm not used to leaving comments in books, maybe we should?!) anyways... one of my treasured reads posted a sentence that spoke to me, and just made perfect sense. The kind where I think, why didn't I think that? How did I not know this already?

Kelle wrote "Lainey can't tell time yet, and she only measures anything by how much fun she has anyway."

Seriously, so true. If only we measured everything by how much fun we have. Which probably explains why things are so not fun when we're bored, and time seems to pass so slowly. Hello? Captain obvious? Anyways, I can't stop thinking about this sentence and liking it, so I wanted to share.

Now go have so much fun you forget about time! I'm looking forward to the weekend, are you? (I know, I'm a day too fast for you all. That's New Zealand for you!)


  1. Great quote! I love it when others are able to express our jumble of feelings better than we can can ourselves. Have a great weekend - I have two more days to suffer through before then ;)

  2. I agree :-) And I like reading Kelle's blog, too!


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