October 26, 2011

Busy, busy and exciting times

Remember me?
Stressed out lady drowning in paperwork? Yes well, I'm still here smiling, just hiding in the wings.

Oh hai! (I'm not driving btw, sitting on the left but not driving!)

Things have been busy, and exciting. Most importantly... way to go All Blacks! They won the Rugby World Cup this Sunday! Maybe you are like my friends back home, and had to google this RWC stuff, I get it. It's rugby and in a foreign land, but in a foreign proud land my friends. Because not only did we host the RWC, we won, and kicked some butt. Some France butt in the end, but it was a good game, a nail biter (or as my Kiwi friends say, a butt clencher)! We won 8-7. In my opinon the scores are usually 33-12, so to see it in single-digits and so close right to the last 30 seconds when I'm certain NZ was hogging the ball just to not lose their one point lead, it was, YES a butt clencher game!

And today they had the Wellington parade. Luckily I work with some of New Zealand's finest and they made sure we got primo spotting at the parade. Even in the rain. Gotta love Wellington weather.

These pics, they make me happy. They remind me that hard work pays off. And that's my current mantra!

The kids, wait a minute, I spy older kids getting to touch the trophy!

In other news...
Our passort renewals were processed in seven days! They quoted us 25 business days, so we were very unprepared when they came back so quickly. I've spent more than three days trying to get my NZ application in order. The interesting part of the application is providing evidence of our relationship. We have to prove we are in a genuine relationship and submit three pieces of evidence for review. It's strange to think someone looks at you from the outside to determine if you are indeed in a genuine relationship. We did this same application last year, so we followed our lead from then, but it cracks me up this evidence business.

We've also rented a new place! And it's on the same street, not a far move, but a big move. We've been busy cleaning, tidying, and organising our home for show, and downsizing our stuff. Amazing how we can move here with only clothes yet fill a three bedroom home, but now have to downsize to move to a one bedroom!

Hopefully things get back to normal soon. T-minus 30 days until we move!


  1. Glad to hear that things are looking up! Good luck with the move :)

  2. I'm glad you're okay and things are looking better for you. A new move! How exciting!!! (And the news in your email was pretty exciting too!)

    PS so glad you're back on the blog :)


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