October 8, 2011

Far out!

Thank you for all your encouraging comments on the last post. I need to get the stress off my mind, and didn't expect your sweet responses, thank you! They helped me stay focused and made me realize there's no pity party of one allowed, as a few of you have been there, and still there. I hear ya, and if you need to vent to me, I'll listen. And good news, the Canadian consulate passport service people have contacted my references already, so hoping we'll have them back in a jiffy and then can send in our visa paperwork.

Until then, I've come across the best kiwi word... well, technically it's not a kiwi word, but it's used so much here, they must really like it...

Far out! Heh, and then I expect someone to say dude in the background. Sounds like such an 80's saying, and I love it.

I've also been introduced to the word, mates, and trying to pull that off, but I just sound ridiculous. They say "me and my mates" or "him and his mates", so I'm trying to add it my list of growing kiwinese!

And just for fun, because I swear Kiwi's correct me because I don't have a kiwi accent, but for the record, the rest of world says Subaru (aka "Sue-ba-ru") and not "Sub-a-roo". Cool? Cool.

Cheers mates!


  1. "Sub-a-roo"! I love it. I mean, "far out"! Glad to hear things are looking up :)

  2. Far out! I use it all the time! So glad things are looking good :)

    PS I followed your lead and made a GIF! Thanks Sara!

  3. haha i love kiwi words!!!!! even if it totally is california surfer circa 1980s!


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