October 4, 2011

Weighted down in paper

Lately I've been stressing over paperwork for our new visa. In part it's because I'm used to knowing what to do when filling out paper - hello it's a form, just answer the questions! But the other part is that it's a very complicated process! There are laws, rules, timelines, expiry dates, and immigration procedures. And there are requests for fingerprints, renewed passports and itty bitty bad lighting passport pictures.

I need to stay focused on the prize (not the grey hairs), the chance to stay in New Zealand and enjoy life in this great city.

But it's hard to do that when I feel like a hamster in a wheel... need a new passport for a new visa, but need a passport to get finger prints for a new visa, need signatures and dealing with processes from overseas, with helpful people, and not-so-helpful people, and countless hours filling in bits of information we've supplied numerous times. Plus the worry that our passports won't arrive in time for our extension and then what?

We know our passport numbers by heart, every zip code of ours from the last 4 addresses, all our contact and tax info from three countries, and yet I can't figure out how much I weigh in kilograms, or what size I wear in New Zealand or how that converts to US, UK or Aus sizing when trying to order that last skirt from Forever 21 for $7.99!! (plus $38 in shipping!) Ah, brain overload.

I promise I have more fun things to share with you, like our weekend getaway to Paraparaumu Beach and also to Bay of Islands, it's just this paperwork has been weighing me down.

In the meantime, here's another gif (Morgan, I can't get enough of these!!) of what two silly people got up to onboard a cruise when it rained!

Bay of Island cruise fun


  1. Oh Sara, I do feel for you. But you seem to be doing such a great job at remaining positive. It will get done. Now these GIFs are so cute, you might have to do a tutorial!

    PS People say that Auckland has better weather then Wellington, the weather has been awful every single time I've been to Auckland and perfect when I'm in Wellington!

  2. Hang in there, lady! Sending positive vibes your way. Everything will work out. Love the gif :)

  3. UGH. Visa's SUCK. I feel your pain, we spent months upon months upon hours upon hours working on hours - every little t has to be crossed and i dotted. It looks like you have been getting out and exploring lots of NZ too though so YAY for that!!

  4. i love the animated gif!!!! i need to make one sometime!!! :)

    and visas BLOW! right now i have been pulling my hair out working on mine. i have cried more in the last week than i have in years just because im frustrated! good luck with it :)

  5. @Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia Thank you Vanisha for being so positive, and I'll take your advice and try to be so myself! Love that Wellington has had great weather for you, it's like the saying goes, you can't be Wellington on a good day!

  6. @Kim Thanks Kim! Just what I need to hear, it's so easy to be negative and a worry wort, thanks for thinking of me.

  7. @Leah It's funny Leah, I never think about paperwork for Canada, but I'm a resident, heh, good to see the other side of the coin!

  8. @Megan Thanks Megan, you are not alone! I've shed some tears too, sorry you have the same frustrations. I know it's all worth it, just easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. Sending you some good luck vibes that things work out they always do.


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