November 12, 2011

Homesick - just a little bit

This week, I enjoyed my first kiwi vacation, more commonly referred to as annual leave... this will be a first of many, as Kiwi's take at least four weeks annual leave per year. That means I have more holidays to plan! A recap of our holiday is upcoming, but in the meantime, I'm having some serious home sickness pangs! I think it's because it's the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) in North America. In New Zealand, Christmas is in full effect, but I feel a bit lost in it all.

Things I'm missing:

  • Family - it's just too far to hop on a plane last minute and travel 20 hours one way to Toronto.
  • Friends new babies and growing kids - while I'm an auntie to three adorable nephews, I miss the opportunities to be a stand-in auntie to my girlfriends babies and snuggle them up.
  • My neighbour and her family who are moving away on Monday, long-term location TBD. Perhaps selfishly, I hope they end up in Canada (which is top o' their list) but above all, I hope they end up somewhere that is full of adventures.... and I can't wait to visit!
  • Wedding planning and event management - having my own business, working for myself, contracting in events - a day in my past life was quite... eventful.
  • Red cups at Starbucks and my fav peppermint mocha (and a pumpkin spiced latte). Starbucks isn't popular here, and neither are the flavours I miss, in fact, I got the side eye when I asked if they carried pumpkin spice... they did have orange mocha, is that popular back home?

There's lots I love about our life in New Zealand, and our holiday was a great reminder of all the things we enjoy about it. I'm looking forward to moving to our new flat, and putting up the Christmas tree! If only I could score some pumpkin puree around here, then I'd be set.


  1. This post got me a little teary as well. Hopefully someone can send you some pumpkin spice from home? (I've not tasted it, ever!) I hope you feel better soon :)

  2. I'm sorry :-( I know what you mean, though. I keep seeing friends' posts about Sbux red cups and I think how strange it is. Sbux is popular up here (well, sort of popular) but the flavours just aren't the same. I know it sounds cliche, but I promise that it gets better with time!

  3. @Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia No tears Vanisha, no tears! I don't get homesick too often, but it's been five years since I lived closed to everyone that it creeps up on me. We had a care package sent two months ago but still waiting, the mail takes a long time. I've heard I can find it here but have to look really hard, wish me luck :)

  4. @Jenny @ Practically Perfect... Thanks Jenny, I love the holidays and always wish everyone was closer to enjoy them. The red cups don't help me, just remind me look what you're missing, weird I know. We started planning a trip home in the spring! And I'm getting excited to read more about yours!

  5. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling homesick. Although I'm sure it's only natural, especially with the holidays approaching. Hopefully though, you and K will be able to make some new Kiwi traditions that you guys can celebrate for years to come. I always find making a new tradition helps me feel more grounded, especially around the holidays.


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