November 19, 2011

Wandering around: North Island, New Zealand (vacation!) vol. 2

After a day of wine tasting in Martinborough, we headed out to the Hawkes Bay region. It's about 3.5 hours up and out along the east coast. For us, it turned into a 5.5 hour drive with our stops along the way, if anything just to take a pic or shop. Once we arrived into Napier, we (again) visited the I-site, and they quickly found us seaside accommodations to enjoy the coastal views.

We spent the next two days walking the coast, dining out, quiz night, movie watching, sleeping in, bike riding, antiquing, and more wine tasting. We were in wine country after all!

Ahuriri coast

Christmas lights in full effect along the waterfront

We stayed at a fairly new place, called Navigate, and the owner was so friendly and helpful! He gave us some tips on what to do and where to dine, and with no plans we took him up on his advice.

He suggested we visit Tomato Peak, he said the views were stunning. And he was right! There were 360 degree views of Hawkes Bay. Only, he sent us to Te Mata Peak, and not Tomato Peak as we first heard. Ah, kiwi accent with maori words, only we would hear tomato!

The blue is the ocean, blending in with the blue sky.

I was playing with the camera settings here. Love how it looks like a backdrop for Kev's driver license pic!

I love how posed yet random this photo turned out! When we take self-portraits, we use a setting that snaps three pics in a row. Sometimes we forget there's three, and then this happens.

Take two, except we didn't realise the pics had started, it counts to ten and sometimes we're not ready.

We borrowed two motorised bikes to enjoy a sunset ride along the water. Except, it's also known as the time the bike almost dragged me along. Or that time someone probably tried to rob us of the bikes.

After a lengthy detailed overview from the hotel owner on how to use the motorised bikes, I somehow missed that the handle, when pulled down (like a motorcycle), will use the motor and cause the bike to move. I was half standing, half trying to sit on the seat when I pulled down on the handle trying to get my balance thus causing the bike to pop a wheelie and start riding, as I hung on with one hand and tried to hop along with one foot. Ahhhh! I was so terrified, but Kev grabbed the bike and suddenly it wasn't motoring anymore. And I (thankfully standing) stood there flabbergasted on what just happened. What the what, my heart racing. I didn't want to ride anymore but it was such a nice day, that I gave it another try. And glad I did, it was such a beautiful day!

As we half biked, half motored along the coast, we came across a long open stretch pathway when a man ventured out of nowhere with a camera and a shady car. He said he was intrigued about our bikes, and tried to catch hold onto mine. It was just odd, so I pulled down on the handle bar and whizzed away into the sun.

What a lovely two day trip, doing very little but having the best time. After our time in Napier, we headed out 1.5 hour to Lake Taupo. Also known as the place I want to live. Luckily, it's only four hours from Welly, so it's a great weekend road trip and we're already planning a return visit. More pics to come, as we had three more days to go!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Yay for the self timer! That bokeh photo is wonderful!

  2. Hehehe you say Tomato, we say Te Mata ;) Love it.

  3. these photos look almost fake it is so pretty!!!!!!! i would kill for some blue skies right now!


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