November 17, 2011

With love from Canada

Hello goodies! We received this sweetastic box of Canadian candy from Kev's sister. We came home after a long day week and were greeted with this perfectly shaped box covered in Canadian flags. I already knew who it was from since his sister asked what would be good to send, but Kev was totally surprised! He practically ran me over trying to get into the house to open it...

Yummy goodies indeed! Ketchup chips, gobstoppers, nibs, twizzlers, swiss chalet sauce and more! What a great gift to come home to! And all the goodies, including chips are in perfect condition. Already chowing down and snuggling in for the night.

Tomorrow, we are celebrating US Thanksgiving with our American friends. We're bringing mini apple pies and a bacon outing (stuffing not cooked in the turkey). Tomorrow, turkey, it's on!

Happy thanksgiving to everyone who's celebrating, cheers to the freaking weekend!


  1. Ketchup chips? I'm curious about those. What a sweet gift :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love pressies in the mail and this is a particularly good loot!

  3. gobstoppers!!!!! AGHHHH!!!!

    and i love ketchup chips when im in canada :)


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