December 6, 2011

I haz cute cats

My peace offering for being MIA.
Cute Sven and Turkey.

The whole "moving is stressful" is underrated!

Thankfully things are coming along. Still no Internet. It's normal here to say "we'll be there in two weeks!" it's just the way things are done. And we're rolling with it, renting heaps of movies and enjoying early episodes of friends and curb your enthusiasm. But I do miss the internets. (And hot water. Unrelated to the Internet but very related to moving is stressful.)

Surely it will be sorted soon. Until then, more cuddles with the cats.


  1. Good luck with the rest of the move! And no hot water? At least it's summer there . . . silver lining?

  2. No hot water?! Oh no. That's my worst nightmare come true, even in the summer! And you definitely haz cute cats. I hope everything is sorted before Christmas.

  3. Sending you lots of luck toward getting hot water and internet!

    Hopefully in the meantime your kitty cuddles will help make up for it--they are so cute!


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