December 12, 2011

Oh by golly have a holly jolly Christmas... this year!

I love Christmas!

It's like memory making in action the entire time. Such a wonderful time of year where you can just see the traditions unfolding. Cooking clove, orange and cinnamon all day on Christmas letting it fill up the house with a 'reminds me of home' scent. The green and red decorations sprinkled around town and home, the glow of Christmas lights, the promise of hand written mail (not bills) arriving in the mailbox, the chimes of Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas' jingle, and sweet dreams of old St. Nick visiting for cookies and milk.

Even though I'm grown, and often am celebrating far from family, I still like to make a big-do over Christmas. This year, we're going Kiwi. Having a BBQ and enjoying a pavlova for dessert.

Things have been busy on this side, with our move, a promotion at work (yay!) and of course Christmas tree cheer in full effect. Except it means I'm slow on my cards and thinking of going the (gasp!) ecard route for overseas. I haven't started my shopping, no stockings in sight, and my new fake tree is looking a little bare. But somehow it works. It's like magic, it comes to life all on its own, and sadly in January disappears.

Last year, we were unemployed, living in San Francisco with packed bags, no furniture, save for the two camping chairs and a vase with decorative sticks. It barely looked joyful, but we had each other, with many thanks for our blessings. Our health, and the promise of moving overseas. Even if it sounds a bit sad, it was far from it. We were unemployed since we were waiting to move, while we had some delays, we rolled with it, and went without gifts. Even though we sold our tree and decorations for the big move, I sent Kev on a Walgreens mission for anything "festive" so we could decorate our window sill and celebrate. We treated ourselves to a wonderful Champagne Christmas brunch at the Fairmont, and toasted the evening with movies. Turns out, even though we didn't think it would be "much", looking back it was pretty special.

Christmas 2010, San Francisco

So far my favourite part has been unpacking all the small trinkets I saved and hauled across the world. The same ones that decorated our window sill, now apart of our tradition.

Christmas 2011, New Zealand


  1. my what a difference a year can make!!! :) merry christmas to yall :) and i hope it is the best one yet!

  2. It's fun to look back and measure how things have changed based on Christmases past :-) I hope that you enjoy your first NZ Christmas and that it's warm and sunny! I hear that it's been a bit rainy and chilly there lately, but fingers crossed that it clears up soon!

  3. i love the holiday season.... so many good things happen these days!!!

  4. Cute ornaments, and I love your San Francisco Christmas :)


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