January 31, 2012


I love this man. He made a really crappy day, a very special one. I don't know how he puts up with me and my dramatic ways. Or my bossypants leading qualities, but he does. And when the world comes at me and tries to take me down, he saves the day.

Lucky me.


January 25, 2012

Inspiration: Bedroom makeover

It's about time in our new place that I focus on making house a home. This time I'm starting with our bedroom. Our first grown up bedroom that isn't made up of mismatched uncoordinated furniture. Instead it will say comfortable and romantic.

Inspired by these:

Source: decorpad.com via Sara on Pinterest

Source: decorpad.com via Sara on Pinterest

Source: decorpad.com via Sara on Pinterest

Aside from the bed, we have semi-matching side tables, and I'm hoping to style them like so:

Source: google.co.nz via Sara on Pinterest

Are you making over any rooms? Where do you find your inspiration? Follow me on pinterest if you're posting there.

January 23, 2012

Despicable me...

Yesterday was a crap day good day in the end. I made it home safe. I was loved and had curb side chauffeur pick up from Kev. And I enjoyed free vino (score Air NZ!) on my flight home. But it had it moments. From having to work on Wellington's anniversary, to flying out early morning to Christchurch and back again in the evening, leaving (and most likely losing) my nook (e-reader) on the flight down, almost missing my return flight home trying to explain to baggage what an e-reader/nook is, burning a chicken dinner, a washing machine that's leaking water, and a cat (cough*Turkey*coughcough) who peed in a basket all over my beauty products, to getting into a crabby argument with Kev over a green coat that didn't look green.

Ranty mcrants two days in a row? No bueno.

But today was a new day. It included the most comfortable, soft leather ballet flats for $109.00, a perfect find!

All better. And how's your week treating you?

January 21, 2012

Confession: I'm buying clothes from overseas

The cost of clothes in New Zealand are very expensive for what, in my opinion, you get. Plus everyone else in town is sporting the exact same item, it's one of the very few downsides to living in a small city. I try to shop all types of stores, sales, online using promos but all my efforts still result in spending $100 for a polyester long sleeve top, or $300 for man-made leather shoes. I try to tell myself the cost of clothes includes tax, and all the shipping/duty/small country fees but I either leave the store frustrated, or purchase something that I feel guilty buying. And when it's your money and a wardrobe you're trying to build, neither are satisfying feelings.

My work wardrobe is very small since I used to work from home, only needing professional attire when attending an event. Since I gave most items away and lost some weight, I figured I'd buy clothes once we moved, but I'm still in sticker shock. Plus the weather is different here, and aside from dressing in layers, it's also very windy, and usually chilly.

Well enough complaining, I enjoyed my online shopping spree. While I'm still limited to stores that ship internationally/will accept a New Zealand billing address, I did get my hands on some Target (it's been way too long Tarjay), Lands End (good quality with excellent sales), and Victoria Secret (hello semi-annual sale) items. I snagged some discounts, and with the conversion and shipping, I'm still saving!

Here's a little preview of some new finds:

Merona at ShopStyle
Mossimo at ShopStyle
Lands' End Canvas at ShopStyle
Lands' End Canvas at ShopStyle
Lands' End Canvas at ShopStyle
Lands' End Canvas at ShopStyle

Now hoping the items fit, as returning them will not be worth it!

Wandering Around: Christmas holidays on the South Island

We planned an eight day camping getaway to the South Island. We flew to Queenstown to pick up our campervan and we knew eight days later we'd fly out of Christchurch... that was the extent of our planning. I've really tried to let go of my must-plan-now moments and enjoy the journey... though it does send me into some anxiety stressed moments. But once I realise we'll find our way regardless, I can let go.

Here's our route:
Screen shot 2012-01-21 at 10.10.24 PM

As we've learned in New Zealand, there's no shortage of beautiful views, and most certainly, there are no boring roads. We spent our days driving from one camp site to the next, picking up groceries along the way and running into the beauty of New Zealand. We didn't have to go very far to find our next stop, and many a times we just pulled over on the road to sit and take in the view.

As we drove out to Wanaka, we passed a bungee jump (which I'm certain has THE most gorgeous coloured water) and next thing you know, Kev was in line to jump. I thought the most adventurous activity I'd get into was taking a Gondola up the mountain in Queenstown. Somehow Kev talked me into taking the luge back down, and the next day he had me attached to a wire, zipping among the tree tops. And next thing you know, I'm signing up for a helicopter ride.

Hands down a thrilling trip. I could tell you all about the bickering passionate discussions we had over driving the campervan, cooking in the middle of nowhere, or trying to set up a table that had no instructions... instead I'll leave you with evidence that New Zealand truly is a stunning country. I'm blessed and lucky to call this home.

Stopping on the side of the road, enroute to Glenorchy


Stopping on the side of the road, enroute to Glenorchy

Skyline Gondola and luge in Queenstown

From the side of the road, from Queenstown to Wanaka

You fly by so fast, that was the bravest pose I could handle

Bungee Jumping...

Moke Lake, Queenstown