January 1, 2012

2012 in holidays!

After living in three countries in five years, I find it hard to remember the next holiday. And I tend to celebrate ones I'm missing out on, so I'm out of sorts most months. I even try to take days off from my Canadian roots, thinking I'm still eligible regardless where I live! It was easy to do in the US since I was a contractor working from home. There's also a scandalous time I may have tried to convince a bartender that on Canada Day we drink beer for free. Don't blame me for trying! (Besides it worked!)

Below is a list of NZ holidays. While it looks like much less than the North America ones, we do get four weeks annual leave. When I signed my latest contract for my promotion and perm contract offer, I was thrilled to see four weeks annual leave included. And it's been accumulating since I started in August! There's much more emphasis on work/life balance here. My family is pretty stoked and shocked that have so much time off. But the holidays below make it worth it! Check out Christmas. This year we are all off Dec 25 to Jan 2, but since some of the public holidays fall in weekends, they roll over. Back to work is Jan 4th, but We took an extra week, wee! Going on holiday after a holiday sounds like a plan.

Oh and to add to this list, each city celebrates their own anniversary, on January 23rd we celebrate Wellington's!

1 Jan New Year's Day
2 Jan New Year's Day Observed
3 Jan Day after New Years Day
6 Feb Waitangi Day
6 Apr Good Friday
9 Apr Easter Monday
25 Apr Anzac Day
4 Jun Queen's Birthday
22 Oct Labour Day
25 Dec Christmas Day
26 Dec Boxing Day


  1. Happy new year Sara! I miss the times in Fiji when we had like 23 public holidays! We celebrated EVERYTHING! You getting free beer - now that's a classic - Canada Day!

  2. Amazing roundup of holidays! I would love to have the Friday before and Monday after Easter off since I end up hosting that holiday. It's so hard to go back to work the very next day with no recovery time. Happy New Year!

  3. dang there are many early holidays there! same here in norway...then we have nothing until christmas which hurts. yours are spaced nicely!!!

  4. YES! This is one of the things I love most about being in Australia - four weeks annual leave! Public holidays! YES yes yes!

    (Also yay for fellow expats!)

  5. I visited NZ during their winter a few years ago. I apparently missed allthe holidays!

  6. @Deidre Hi Deidre! Thank you for stopping by and hello to a fellow expat across the ditch?! Is that appropriate to say? Ha, Kiwi's, I'm still learning. Looking forward to reading more from your blog!


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