January 23, 2012

Despicable me...

Yesterday was a crap day good day in the end. I made it home safe. I was loved and had curb side chauffeur pick up from Kev. And I enjoyed free vino (score Air NZ!) on my flight home. But it had it moments. From having to work on Wellington's anniversary, to flying out early morning to Christchurch and back again in the evening, leaving (and most likely losing) my nook (e-reader) on the flight down, almost missing my return flight home trying to explain to baggage what an e-reader/nook is, burning a chicken dinner, a washing machine that's leaking water, and a cat (cough*Turkey*coughcough) who peed in a basket all over my beauty products, to getting into a crabby argument with Kev over a green coat that didn't look green.

Ranty mcrants two days in a row? No bueno.

But today was a new day. It included the most comfortable, soft leather ballet flats for $109.00, a perfect find!

All better. And how's your week treating you?


  1. That sure is a lot to pack into a day! A green coat that didn't look green? - we had a similar 'discussion' over a piece of clothing and the colour too! It's only Tuesday and I'm already so exhausted, decided to step back and did a 'simple pleasures' post. Feel a little relaxed. Just a little ;) hope the rest of your week is amazing!

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're having such a rough time! And bad kitty for stinking up your beauty products.

    I'm glad you found some pretty shoes to take your mind off things going wrong. A new pair of shoes is sometimes all a girl needs to feel right with the universe again!


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