January 17, 2012


Today was my first day in New Zealand that I didn't wear a coat to work, not a worry that the rain, wind, or clouds might take over. I even sported short sleeves! Welcome summer, welcome home. After the long year of our winter that started last January in San Francisco until this January that finally brings the summer season, this makes me happy.

Other things that make me happy?

Neighbourfrens passing me in their car waving frantically at me - just to say hi.
Running into familiar faces at every corner, cafe, and store.
Espresso coffee to start my early mornings - made by me.
Three day hair that saves me that 20 minutes in the morning - and looks put together to boot.
Exercise in the form of fruit ninja.
New mattress with the extra soft top layer.
Inexpensive under eye concealer with good coverage.
A Christmas tree and decorations sparkling in the sun.
A tan that is slow to fade.
And impromptu lazy brunches.

What's making you happy this month?


  1. so where is this inexpensive concealer that actually works!? my eyes look horrible lately :)

    things that make me happy are knowing i have a visa to stay here (but still am jobless blah). :)

  2. Sounds like things are going well! It just got freezing cold and is threatening to rain non-stop for a week around here, so I'm definitely envious of your short sleeves. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Hooray for sun and warmth! Hope a lot more of it is coming your way, so you can break out the fun summer clothes!

    And I am intrigued by a hairstyle that will last for three days...?

  4. I'm so excited about summer. But the mornings are stills cold here - 6 degrees! And I'm with Megan - inexpensive concealer, hat works? Where? How? When?

    My blog has been making me really happy :) More then usual.

  5. PS about the letter box photo, it was fish eye, then I put it onto instagram :)

  6. @Megan Very happystance on your visa! I picked up on a whim Revlon ColorStay under eye concealer in light/med, and I'm singing the praises! I needed something lightweight and I'm pleased with the results. Makes me actually not cringe taking a photo without my shades.

  7. @Morgan It's a very lazy hairstyle, that involves baby powder (as dry shampoo) and a brush. I think I just got lucky that I fell asleep without kinking up my hair! I did get a curling iron from Santa, hoping to try some more adventurous do's. And for the record, I miss ya!

  8. @Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia Love the fisheye, and loved the instragram pics you're sharing! I picked up Revlon ColorStay under eye concealer, they don't have a big range of shades though. Just doing a good job helping me look non-zombie!


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