February 17, 2012

Making house a home: a crafty idea

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post. That moment really took the wind out of my sails, the feedback wasn't helpful, polite, or kind, but rather attacked my ability to fit in with Kiwi culture. Or should I say, certain peoples narrow-minded view of Kiwi culture, and how I'm too this and that to really get it, and how it must be because I'm American (either forgetting I'm Canadian, or too confused to just say North American.) Seems like some of my colleagues really want to know more about my life and expect me to open up about my weekends and who I really am (because they think I'm too professional and reserved) without realising that maybe I don't want to share with them. (My view is that I'd do this if I wanted to, not because I'm inept, or oblivious to culture. Alas, I don't want to rant anymore, because I could talk in circles on this topic, especially how one could be a professional in a professional business. These are work people, some of whom are my friends, but mostly not, so I can't get hung up on this.)

Anyways, I've picked myself up, realising moving oneself around the world to a new country will be met with crisitism I suppose (maybe how you dress, or talk - because we all know I don't sound like I'm from here.) It's easy to judge others - I'm sure we've all done it, but we always know better. I love New Zealand, love the culture, and love my friends that I've welcomed into my world. I'll never be a Kiwi, I'm a proud Canadian who's been fortunate enough to move around fitting each new place into my life. And I'm smart enough to know I'm fitting in just fine. So I'm back with a brighter attitude, one that isn't woe-is-me life is tough because it's not. Life is grand here, and I'm loving it.

In other news, slowly achieving operation making house a home. Here's a quick craft that's been on my must-do list for over a year now.

Take one thrify canvas art print in a funky plastic frame:

And three coats (and three days later, needs 24 hours to dry) of black chalkboard paint:

One heck of a cute chalkboard.
Even cuter when the boyfriend puts it to good use on Valentine's Day.


  1. I'm sorry about the feedback situation. I thought it was interesting, because where I work I've run into Kiwis who LOVE to talk about their weekends and personal lives, and also Kiwis who are quite reserved and happy to keep things that way. It sounds more like that's the specific office culture of where you work, not a representation of all Kiwi culture.

    Anyway, I love the chalkboard idea! Very cute and looks like it was easy to get together as well. I may have to try something like this, maybe do it in a way that Joe will be able to use it when he's older. It's gotta be more economical than buying one of those kiddie easels!

  2. I love your attitude to the whole situation. You're doing just fine. Forget about it.

    Now that chalk board is just wonderful. I love it. What a great idea and I agree, definitely put to great use by the husband :)

  3. Glad to hear that you're feeling better! At the end of the day, some people are just insensitive jerks - good for you for recognizing that. I love the chalkboard!

  4. I LOVE this chalkboard idea!! Where did you get the chalkboard paint from??


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