February 7, 2012

On being you

I was on a roll lately and trying to keep up with blogging, and then life happened. It's been one of those weeks that's hard to get over. I tend to dwell on things, think too much... what would I say if I could tell them what I really think. What do I want to say? How would I say it? How would I respond differently? What should I have said? What would someone else do? Repeat.

I had one of those moments when you uncover what someone really thinks of you. And sometimes it stings. I guess I just never expected it to happen at work. In a feedback session. Ouch. And it's knocked off my rose-tinted glasses that I've had on. It's most certainly not the end the of the world though. But. It sucked.

I've found lots of inspiration online that has given me a laugh. Made me put it in perspective.

Here's a old-time fav commerical, that is quite fitting.

I think you should always be yourself. And hopefully you'll find people that get you. It's ok if they don't. It really is. It's just hard getting to that point to realise that.

There, that feels better already.


  1. i 100% agree to always be yourself :) hope you've been doing well girl!

  2. Oh dear Sara, I hope the person said what they had to say respectfully. It's always hard to hear but I agree with you, just be yourself. There will be people you don't like and people who don't like you. I had the worst time dealing with women saying things about me in my late teen years. I was miserable. But I developed a thick skin - in publicly, I still cry in private! Sending you a big hug <3

  3. I think this is something we all worry about in the blog world. What will people think of me if I write this? How much of myself should I put out there? Will this affect my relationships? My work? Sorry you had this moment, but sounds like you are being strong and overcoming it!

  4. I'm sorry that this happened to you, but it sounds like you have the right attitude towards it. And like Vanisha, I hope the person who made the comment said it in a respectful and constructive way. There is never an excuse for rudeness!


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