March 3, 2012

Happy one year in New Zealand and to blogging!

Imagine that, it's been a year! And not just any old year, but one where we landed ourselves on the other side of the world. We moved here last March, but I started my blog just before our journey began so I could document this experience. I was going a bit stir crazy after being unemployed for five months, so I needed an outlet. Thankfully and luckily I have met some amazing people through this experience, and I thank you all for your constant support and sweet comments, they really make my day brighter.

In honour of the bloggy year, I thought I'd share some photo outtakes from the past year:

Yes, the ceiling of the car is stapled on the roof. This was our first car. The one Kev bought at an auction for a deal of a steal price, that he looked beyond the staples and no heater. It wasn't until he rolled up to pick me up that I noticed the car was leaking radiator fluid (I'm not a mechanic but my dad has taught me many a car things!) and once we made it down the road the car started overheating and steaming. What a clown car! In hindsight the staples really did say it all no?

Side note: Did you know the sun is so hot here and there's no ozone layer that it literally melts the glue off the roof of your car ceiling? And that car roof interiors drooping are a common problem here? True story.

When we first arrived in Wellington and went house hunting, we learned very quickly that people park and then walk the rest of their journey home. Like San Francisco there are many hills, but here the homes are all cascading down a hill to the water, with no proper entry way to the house, the roads are curvy and stairs are steep. There was one home we looked at and I gave up halfway because the walk to get to the front door was so long and steep that I couldn't imagine doing the walk if it rained. (And it rains a lot). So for some homes the way to get to your front door involves a cable car. Which have their own issues when they stop unexpectedly or break down, but it was a sweet slow ride getting home every day cruising down a hill in this (so-called) cable car (we aren't in San Francisco anymore Toto).

This photo happened because I made Kev immediately stop driving and get out so I could take the picture. For no other reason than "I love Wellington!". It was also our 2nd day in the country. I realise it's not a bad photo or really all that amazing, but the sense of urgency I had to just stop driving and take a photo cracks me up. His face says it all, no?

I was so intrigued by the clothesline at our place, that I had to hang my clothes to dry! I hadn't seen this in many years, my memories are from when I was five and my mom hung our sheets out... turns out hanging clothes out to dry is extremely economically here as electricity prices are insane. Not too mention many flats we looked at didn't even have a dryer, it's just expected you hang out your clothes. And it make for pretty pictures.

Champagne toast as we boarded our first Air New Zealand flight. We had already flown seven hours from Toronto to Vancouver (usually six, but we were delayed on the tarmac for an hour) and we had 15 more hours to go to Wellington (that turned into 25 since we were rerouted to another city since our plane couldn't land due to wind) and the champagne, let's just say it helped the situation. And it kicked off our exciting adventure to a new place.

A sweet note from the hotel manager for me! Kev's work puts all new employees up at a hotel, and the hotel kindly notes that the partners are often unemployed and huddled up in a hotel room. Made my day with such sweet Kiwi hospitality.

It took me days to realise this meant 'no parking', and not 'no problem'. Let that sink in on how confused I was over the road sign.

And finally, my how times change. Never have I spent so much time indoors when it's raining playing Jenga. And I still have no skills. Whenever the jenga tower is going down, it's all because of me.

It's been a great year in Wellington, and I'm looking forward to the next one! And lucky me, this weekend I'll be hosting my first Canadian visitors!! Finally!


  1. Happy 1 year! Loved the photos, especially the one with the clothesline :-)

  2. Congratulations Sara! You've really handled everything so beautifully. I miss hanging me clothes out to dry on the line. It's the most common thing in the Pacific, my clothes miss it very much! And as for Jenga - I give up! Here's to many more amazing years <3

  3. A year already? Where did the time go?

    Sounds like you guys have had a really great first year in NZ. Here's to many more!


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