March 9, 2012

Three new things

This past week has been exciting, save for the fact that winter has arrived. A news report showed that for parts of New Zealand, including Wellington, that its been the greyest summer in 80 years! Which means technically we haven't seen a proper summer since October 2010 from San Francisco. But I'll take it, because the good days are amazing even if few and far between. There is such jaw dropping beauty when the sky clears, wind halts and sun shines down and glistens the water, makes me forget about the greyest days.

We had our first New Zealand experience with a weather bomb. Yes, it's a technical term for when there's rapid decrease in air pressure producing high winds and heavy rain. It caused a lot of damage, ripping roofs off and taking trees down. For us, we had a patio barricade thankfully nothing too serious.

Patio furniture from the other end of the deck

Last weekend I also had a blogger first, meeting one of my favourite bloggers in person. A blogate? Blog date? The lovely miss Leah from Chandeleah made a return visit to New Zealand and I joined her welcome home party. I had so much fun finally meeting her in person, she has the brightest personality making you feel like you're long lost friends, and she radiates in person, you can even see it in this photo!

Alisha (one of Leah's other online friends who I was lucky to hang out with), Leah and me with the infamous wine that I was denied at the bar. New Zealand takes their ID very serious, drinking age is 19 but if you don't have NZ issued ID or a passport you don't get the wine. I was even denied entry to a bar! I guess I'll take it the compliment, but really need to get on with securing proper identification.

I wasn't nervous about meeting her since I was pretty sure she would be just like herself from her blog. We even discussed that meeting people from the online world can either be great or awkward. There are those who are very outgoing online and in person and others who are not so much in person. I tend to be in the middle and get energy from those around me, so thankfully Leah had us covered in the not so awkward stage. I wish her happy travels as she heads back to Vancouver and then prepare for another adventure in London! And look forward to a future meet-up maybe this time in London!

And next up, another first in New Zealand, two oldie and goodie friends are visiting this weekend. I cannot even describe the feeling of seeing familiar faces that I haven't seen in five years because of our travels. I hope I don't weird them out when I tell them I just want to sit and stare at them. Ok that sounds weird. I figure I'll be a bit starstruck with them while we catch up. Five years! The last time I saw them was way back when I moved to Los Angeles and one of them joined me for the cross-country road trip. Sweet memories.

Looking forward to taking them out to see the Wellington sights and enjoying more new memories in New Zealand!


  1. I love blogger meet ups! When I come to NZ later this year we'll have to schedule one :) Leah sounds great, will have to check out her blog. We've had crazy weather here too, no summer at all, Autumn lasted two days and it feels like the middle of Winter now! Thank goodness for our trip to Fiji in a few weeks! You better get some ID lovely, you simply cannot be denied any more great wine and bar fun ;)

  2. Sounds like so much fun (the meet-up, not the weather-bomb . . .) I feel the same way about SF - the nice days totally make up for the numerous grey, dreary ones . . .

  3. I love meeting blog friends in real life! Sounds like you guys had a blast.

    Too bad it's becoming winter down there, but at least that means it's about time to break out cute scarves and sweaters, right? Glad to hear you survived your first weather bomb!

  4. Hehehe awwww Sara it was so awesome to meet you!! I was so glad you made it out that night (even if I did bribe you with the promise of twizzlers from your homeland haha). It was such a fun night!!

    Oh and get well used to those weather bombs! They seem to hit lil ol NZ ALL the time!


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