April 30, 2012


 photo 1

Because I'm not easily surprised. But this moment? Totally caught in the act, that moment of surprise. A few lights flickered and went out, and I thought, well it's only fitting when you're in the middle of nowhere*. And then somehow that familiar song, 'haaaaapppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee birthday' starts and it's a moment of confusion meets hey wait a minute... For me, it was a grand moment to be completely caught off-guard. I treasure this feeling because for someone who likes to be in control and always be in the know, this moment is so freeing and exciting.

  photo 3

Because look, there's a candle on my crayfish! (Crayfish, not to be confused with a lobster, because lobsters have claws and crayfish do not.) And yes, that's not a cake, just part of the surprise.

  photo 2
 Because it's time for a proper photo.

  photo 4
 Because you're only thirty-something once.


*Yup, middle of nowhere. South Island, New Zealand, Queen Charlotte Sounds at Endeavour Inlet. 3 hour ferry from Wellington with a 1.5 water taxi from Picton and a random stop in one of the coves.

April 15, 2012

Small things

It's been an interesting month. I found myself uninspired. It was just a slump I know, but nothing frustrates me more than the groundhog daily ways that can overtake my fly by the seat of my pants random ways (aka I love flexibilty and possibilities, and fear the mundane details). I'm a true ENFP as the Myers-Briggs testing indicates.

So, I've been making changes. Small ones, but important ones to help me enjoy new experiences and discover inspiration. In the past month I've:

  • tried (and failed miserably) a juice detox (for 4 hours).
  • resigned from a not a good fit job role.
  • planned a trip home to see family and friends.
  • learned a new recipe and can whip up a poached egg with hollandaise sauce like it's nobody's business.
  • found a figgy pinot noir that I've longed for in New Zealand.
  • took time out to just be. Sit on the deck. Sit with friends. Sit with my love, and just be.
  • learned to enjoy a gluten free diet.
  • enjoyed a weekend roadtrip and can still rock out in car songs and put my my inner 16 year old self to shame (I blame Carly Rae Jepsen and her song Call Me Maybe - p.s. she's Canadian!)
  • looking forward to high tea for my birthday.
  • and have fallen in love with this photo.
A look back at some fav instagram pics... diptic
(Top left: Flying home from Christchurch, top right: Lake Wairarapa, bottom left: Oriental Bay beach, bottom right: curvy roads enroute to Martinborough)

Hope you've been finding inspiration in the small things too. Can't wait to catch up on all my fav blogs!