April 30, 2012


 photo 1

Because I'm not easily surprised. But this moment? Totally caught in the act, that moment of surprise. A few lights flickered and went out, and I thought, well it's only fitting when you're in the middle of nowhere*. And then somehow that familiar song, 'haaaaapppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee birthday' starts and it's a moment of confusion meets hey wait a minute... For me, it was a grand moment to be completely caught off-guard. I treasure this feeling because for someone who likes to be in control and always be in the know, this moment is so freeing and exciting.

  photo 3

Because look, there's a candle on my crayfish! (Crayfish, not to be confused with a lobster, because lobsters have claws and crayfish do not.) And yes, that's not a cake, just part of the surprise.

  photo 2
 Because it's time for a proper photo.

  photo 4
 Because you're only thirty-something once.


*Yup, middle of nowhere. South Island, New Zealand, Queen Charlotte Sounds at Endeavour Inlet. 3 hour ferry from Wellington with a 1.5 water taxi from Picton and a random stop in one of the coves.


  1. Happy Birthday! I love your birthday crayfish - even better than a birthday cake ;)

  2. AWW so happy! I love crayfish, and to have it in the sounds is just the most perfect birthday ever! I hope you had a wonderful relaxing trip and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xxx


So glad you wandered by!