June 9, 2012

Watermelon in winter

I love manicures, and since moving to New Zealand and experiencing sticker shock (at $60+ for a mani/pedi or $25 for nail polish, no thanks!) I've given up my weekly mani/pedi in lieu of... well nothing.

A few weeks back a girlfriend and I decided to paint our nails, so I hauled out my nail polish stash. It was a monochromatic rainbow of nudes and two randoms: silver sparkle and a grey. It made for a very boring manicure one that I hadn't done in months, so I made a mental note to pick up some new polishes when we'd be visiting family in North America.

So during our three week stint overseas (we got back last week!),  I splurged and picked up some new polishes. At $9 a pop I was no longer in sticker shock and instead loving the options. In the end I picked up many pinks (a far cry from nude right? I'm bold, I know).

Here's my latest obsession. Essie's watermelon pink.
Almost a red. Which is a bold move for a nudist.

Dare I wear red nails? In winter?

You betcha!

And I'm making a blog comeback, feeling refreshed and inspired. A little holiday can do that to a girl.