September 15, 2012

Seven random things... tagged

It's been awhile.

Life has been eventful, and exhausting. What I love about blogging and friends, there are some who just know when you need a nudge, a hello friend, and an I'm thinking of you email...

Leah is my long lost perogie. My Polish sister from another mother I'm sure, though we only had a short time together before I up and packed and moved myself south of the border to California and then across the pond to New Zealand. I met her through friends from an internship, and we graduated from the same post-grad studies one year apart... if only we could have studied at the same time and spent more time together. Alas, she's a friend I know I need in my world, even if it seems we are worlds apart. She loves life to the fullest, jumping in with both feet to challenge herself and she loves those near and dear to her deeply.  Leah, for you. Long overdue.

Seven random facts about myself

I always thought I'd be a teacher, and still think I should pursue it. But I can't stand the fact that bad teachers can be employed and the great ones are lost in the shuffle. I feel like anyone can be a teacher and so many get away with not being a good one. I'd be heartbroken to face every day as an uphill challenge and feel like I'm never changing the world because a jack ass next to me is doing it too. (For the record, I pretty sure I had the most jack assed math teacher who once told me he wants nothing more than to see me fail miserably. True story.) I'm too competitive to accept a teacher is a teacher is a teacher. So I rebel. And don't teach.

I was three when I realised I'll never have a proper wedding where family and friends come together. Such is life when parents really don't like each other. Thankfully, some 20+ years later they get along much better but not enough for me to think we can all be in one place and celebrate. Though, I still hope to get married, one day, maybe on the beach or at city hall.

I'm indecisive when I have options with colour and design but if I have a problem I know exactly what to do (I'm bossy like that I have leadership qualities?). I like to make decisions, but how to decorate or what colour of top to buy, forget it. I.can' (For fun, this is one girly style decor that I love - now how to make it boy friendly for Kev is the question!).

You may not have seen it, but I could rival Kim K-dash in the best asset department. It's a shelf back there but not-so-secretly, it's my one fav thing about myself when I get dressed up and think, damn girl, you got it going on (for that split second when I feel like a pair of jeans can conquer the world!), but usually it's hidden in some a-line dress/skirt so I don't get all insecure about its size.

I'm thankful for blonde hair because I have way too many grays for my age, it looks sort of natural?!!

I love all the worst the movies. It's a talent to pick out movies that are rated 3% on rotten tomatoes. And if J-lo or Jennifer Aniston are in it, then it's my favourite. (I find this sort of embarrassing considering I'm dating a talented technical guy who can create amazingness for movies for a living and here I am thinking, yeah yeah the Hobbit so what, I want to watch me some "She's the man" or "Revenge of the bridesmaids").

I cook to relax. I find it calming, and love that I'm creating something tasty. Just don't ask me for eggs, jello, or rice. A six course thanksgiving meal, no problem. A packet of jello for fun? Forget it. Disasterous.

*Edited* Tagging all of you still reading, tell me in the comments something I don't know about you??


  1. I cook to relax too...but after cooking usually I can't bring myself to eat anything (especially if I spent the whole day cooking) which is a real bummer! We've been blog friends for a while so I think there's a lot that you do already know about me ;) xoxox

  2. @Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia Ah Vanisha, don't let your cooking go to waste! I think of you often, mostly when I'm on the bus passing by all the shops I've yet to visit and wonder, what would Vanisha find there. And anytime I see a coke bottle, I even looked for your name in the latest coke promotion with names.... they need a Vanisha bottle!!! Thanks for being a great bloggy friend, we'll meet one day I'm sure!!

  3. My love - I have been waiting for this. I am so happy that you're in my life ... even if you are far away. We have so much in common! You are an amazing person (inside and out) and inspire me to try new things and think outside the box. Sending you big love!

  4. you have just made my week with your comments on my blog thank you :) and I love learning more about you.

  5. im laughing that you like 'bad' movies. i kind of do too. if jennifer anniston is in it, however, i usually dont like it. but if hilary duff is in it...count me in hahhah!


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